Wreckovation of a cathedral in the name of “restoration” and “inculturization”

[Wreckovation of a cathedral in the name of “restoration” and “inculturization”]

From Gloria.TV News for 11/30/17

The National Catholic Register praised the “Victorian beauty” of Saint Andrews’s Cathedral in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada.

The church originally contained an elaborate Victorian Gothic high altar.


After Second Vatican Council, the altar was replaced by this.


The National Catholic Register had the gall to claim that this awful dilapidation “seeks to remain faithful to the Victorian period in which the cathedral was built” while using “native symbol and design [in the new altar and stained glass windows to] reflect the process of inculturization [of] Canadian west coast native mythology”:

The raven is both a messenger and a symbol of the Creator Spirit. The raven is a favorite of the Kwakiutl people, from which the traditional forms of these designs originated. The raven is the celebrated hero who set the sun, moon and stars in the heavens. He is one of the great transformers who brings God’s word to man.

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  1. I thought “wreckovation” was something of the past? I know of one church re-ordered to ‘ad orientem’, and I have no idea how the priest got it past the Novus Ordo mafia in the diocesan office.

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