Some Clergymen Lose Faith But Continue Career

Some Clergymen Lose Faith But Continue Career

Lay Catholics who lose the faith, stop practicing and disappear from the Church – “unless they are Church employees”, Father Ray Blake notices on his MaryMagdalen.blogspot website [When we lose faith].

According to Blake, clergymen who stop believing but carry on “in many cases become even more concerned about developing their own careers”.

Blake underlines that when the faith goes, so too do the other theological virtues, hope and charity, “The result is people who are depressed and bitter or cruel or those who are aggressively destructive of faith”.

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One comment on “Some Clergymen Lose Faith But Continue Career

  1. Even were a tiny spark of faith to remain in a sinner, it is, according to Church doctrine (remember when that term actually meant something serious to most adult Catholics?), it is a dead faith, incapable of merit for even the most “well-intended” acts or good works.

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