The problem with Catholic evangelization today in less than 150 words

The problem with Catholic evangelization today in less than 150 words

John-Henry Westen

November 29, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — There is a brilliant professor named Peter Kwasnewski. At LifeSite, we were so impressed with his writing that we hired him for weekly contributions. He has done another masterful job of presenting the gravest challenges to Catholic evangelization. Here is a quick summary:

“We have a missionary imperative from Christ to convert the world. But there are at least five serious obstacles to evangelizing today, any one of which would already deal a serious blow to the endeavor. First, the privatization of religion. Second, the rejection of original sin and the assumption of universal salvation. Third, the widespread doctrinal and moral confusion in the Church. Fourth, the banality and irreverence of mainstream Catholic worship. Fifth, the utter lack of ascetical demands. When you put all these together, you get Catholics who don’t think they should bother other people about religion, who assume that most people are already fine, who are not even quite sure they know what they believe, have nothing especially attractive to invite people to, and are not living and promoting a way of life that would respond to the needs of any serious searcher.”

You can read Peter’s whole piece on the subject at OnePeterFive.

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