Religious leaders should unite for justice and peace, Pope tells Buddhist monks

Religious leaders should unite for justice and peace, Pope tells Buddhist monks

[A Buddhist is “more Catholic than the Pope”!: According to Sandro Magister, “There was only one moment in which Jesus was named and his Gospel proclaimed” not by Frankenpope but the Burmese Buddhist state counsellor, who said: “Jesus himself offers a ‘manual’ for this strategy of peacemaking in the Sermon on the Mount. The eight Beatitudes (cf. Mt 5:3-10) provide a portrait of the person we could describe as blessed, good and authentic”]

Catholic World News – 11/29/17

In a November 29 meeting with Myanmar’s Buddhist leaders, Pope Francis said that representatives of all faiths must “speak with one voice in affirming the timeless values of justice, peace, and the fundamental dignity of each human person.”
The Pontiff also said: “The great challenge of our day is to help people to be open to the transcendent.”


Meeting of the Supreme “Sangha” Council of Buddhist Monks, 29.11.2017 (Vatican Press Office)

The Pope in Mission Territory. But the Only One Talking About Jesus Is a Buddhist (Sandro Magister)

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8 comments on “Religious leaders should unite for justice and peace, Pope tells Buddhist monks

  1. Pope Francis “Guided” By “The Teachings Of The Buddha”

    Pope Francis praised Buddha and St Francis of Assisi but ignored Christ while addressing Buddhist Monks on November 29 in Yangon during his Apostolic Journey to Myanmar.

    Francis expresses “esteem for all those in Myanmar who live in accord with the religious traditions of Buddhism”. He added, “Through the teachings of the Buddha, and the dedicated witness of so many monks and nuns, the people of this land have been formed in the values of patience, tolerance and respect for life.”

    Francis believes that the words of Buddha offer “each of us a guide” to “overcome the angry by non-anger” and “the wicked by goodness”.

  2. What about the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, Jorge, which you are responsible for promoting as Vicar of Christ? Nah, it’s not PC – especially where you are now.

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    • Uncle Fester: So I’ll put on my Buddha costume and we’ll go down to the peace and justice convention and talk to the pope.

      Gomez Addams: Capital idea, Fester! You’ll get his attention, and then we can bring up Cousin Itt’s predicament that they won’t let him fly on airplanes. Such a peaceful fellow, too.

  4. “Fumemus in Jubilatione” – Ha,ha,ha,ha , that’s a good one, Howl, but you shouldn’t be giving that bonehead any more ideas.

  5. Full story on Fumemus in jubilatione: Pope Francis grants permission for smoking cannabis in new encyclical Fumemus in jubilatione


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