Streamlined annulment process should allow bishop’s decision after one hearing, Frankenpope says

Streamlined annulment process should allow bishop’s decision after one hearing, Frankenpope says

[This makes the annulment system quicker than any divorce mill. Frankenpope notes that he made the changes while the Synod was between sessions and might request such in its final report, because he discerned the need/desire for them from the synodal process itself (i.e., he acted arbitarily in the name of synodality) – more Bergoglian double-talk such as his insistence when he made the changes that they did not change Church teaching on the indissolubility of marriage or the presumption of the validity of marriages in nullity cases but to speed up the process for Catholics separated from the Church “due to physical or moral distance”!]

Catholic World News – November 27, 2017

In a November 25 address to participants in a course on annulment procedures, sponsored by the Roman Rota, Pope Francis said that the new streamlined procedure for annulments in special cases should “typically be concluded in one session.”

The Pope stressed that these cases can only be decided by a diocesan bishop. “The streamlined process is not an option that the diocesan bishop can choose,” he said, “but rather an obligation that derives from his consecration and from the missio received. In these cases, the Pontiff explained, the bishop himself should hear the “absolute evidence of the facts proving the alleged nullity of the marriage, as well as the consent of both spouses.”

Pope Francis introduced the streamlined annulment procedure in September 2015, to allow for quick handling of cases in which the argument for the nullity of a marriage is clear and convincing. Although he unveiled before the first of two meetings of the Synod of Bishops devoted to marriage, he said that the canonical changes that he instituted were the result of synodal government of the universal Church. “These two acts,” he said, referring to his September 2015 decrees, “have arisen from a synodal context, they are the expression of a synodal method, and they are the arrival point of a serious synodal path.”


Audience with the participants in the Course promoted by the Tribunal of the Roman Rota (Vatican press office)

Pope issues new rules to streamline annulment process (CWN)

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2 comments on “Streamlined annulment process should allow bishop’s decision after one hearing, Frankenpope says

  1. The grace of the Sacrament of Matrimony is conferred ex opere operato, just as in Baptism or in the Holy Sacrifice; independent of the worthiness of the priest or the recipient(s).
    The Sacrament was instituted, and its demands CLEARLY defined by the Second Person of the Holy Trinity Himself, publicly right here on Earth, about which only a spiritual ignoramus could raise any doubt whatsoever.
    The few and VERY rare impediments which DO make it impossible to validly contract a marriage are also clear and they alone (i.e., fraud, pre-existent and continuous impotence, consanguinity, force/coercion, prior religious vows, etc.) prevent eligibility to receive the Sacrament.
    Thus, no matter how many members of the “greatest (?) generation”, boomers or GenXers race into a chancery looking for a “Dr. Phil” reprieve, they’re STUCK no matter how many times the zealous Canonical Young Turks Implementing the (un)council’s maudlin flapdoodlery try to say otherwise.
    “Ratum et consummatum.”
    So sorry, Trixie. Bummer, Wilbur.
    Period. Fini. Das ist alle. Basta.

  2. null

    Hat-tip to hereisjorgebergoglio at drive thru annulments

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