To Bishops and Cardinals

Where are your cohones? You are letting satanic and evil forces wreak havoc in our beloved church. We can’t even know for sure who is pope with two men wearing the papal garb in Rome these days. Daily, it seems, incredible atrocities and blasphemies are painted or posted on walls formerly deemed sacred. What were formerly deemed mortal sins are now reserved to “individual consciences.” The man who claims the papacy seems more inclined to emphasize what he sees as abuses in the natural order, such as climate change or air conditioning, than the spiritual welfare of the souls entrusted to his care. Individual dioceses don’t preach from the same guidelines and traditional priests whose only crime is being faithful to the traditional Magisterium of Holy Mother Church for better than 20 centuries are being thrown to the wolves. Seminaries are shutting down and the number of youthful priests seems inadequate to replace those who are in the twilight of their priesthood Do you really believe that in your particular day of judgment, you will not be called to account for your collective failures to rescue the Church from the crisis in which she is engaged today?

Now I was born in 1941 and educated for 16 years in Catholic schools and I know when I’m being cheated of my heritage in the One, True Faith outside of which there is no salvation And I’m telling you, man-to-man, to get off your hindquarters and act now before it is too late. And may God forgive me for having to address you in such a way.

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8 comments on “To Bishops and Cardinals

  1. Excellent.

    No need for any apology, in fact you were too kind.

  2. Paul, Paul. You’ve had 50 years to update, but you have been unable to do so. You therefore can’t understand the wonderful benefits that come from the Council and its popes. You needn’t worry about our souls, Paul. And from the tone of true sincerity in your appeal, you needn’t worry about your own salvation.

    You see Paul, God judges each one of us by our own sincerity and not by rigid formulas of belief and behavior. We can understand the difficulty those of you educated prior to the Council have with this, which is why it has taken 50 years until the Spirit allowed the pope to open up the true understanding of God’s mercy. We can no longer judge those in difficult situations as putting themselves outside God’s saving grace. This also applies to yourself and those who have difficulty coming along to see this great mercy. Yet, God grants it to you also.

    And this is how we can be so sure that the way of the Council is the way of the Spirit: God has raised to sainthood the Father of the Council, Saint John XXIII, and the pope of the grand synthesis, Saint John-Paul the Great. As well as sanctifying the Council, the Spirit has sanctified the mind of John Paul, who drew from the masters of phenomenology along with many others. Because of phenomenology, we understand how you cannot be expected to join the fullness of our understanding because of your experiences and training. But this is by Divine approbation, Divine mercy: I’m OK, you’re OK! Saint John-Paul is praying for you!

    We would hope for you to join us in this fullness of understanding, despite the fact that no two persons are able to fully comprehend these truths in the same fashion. The important thing is to stay with path of the Council and the interpretation provided by the pope. Then you will come to have the understanding that God wishes you to have.

    P.S. Anyone who found himself nodding along with that bovine excrement I penned above, understand that you are a NeoCat.

  3. Seriously, though, just keep hammering on them, Paul. Not to ignore prayer, but hammering loudly and often is about the best thing we can do. Some folks will happen along the web and will get some chunks of truth lodged in their souls. Then they can come along and see what’s going on, if they want to. God bless.

  4. Sir , you are right on ! I saw a statistic today, for every one (1); who enters the Church six (6) leave ! That business model will not survive very long ! It is probably closer to ten (10) leaving for every one entering !

  5. Great Googly Moogly, Colonel !
    Seriously, keep up the strafing runs.

  6. I think it was ECS220 who first introduced me to that phrase, back in 2007 when I joined AQ.
    Thanks for the addition. Tom.

  7. It was the Popes and Bishops who created the mess we are in , most of them deceased or retired now, but i don’t see any courage or zeal for saving souls from the current crop either. And to think of all those martyrs who were tortured or gave up their lives to save souls and this post-Vatican 2 crop are afraid to open their mouths to confront a sin filled society.

  8. Our Father Superior at has said that in the old days when laity were faced with such abuses involving the Mass and the sacraments, they would literally rise up and drag the offending priest from the sanctuary and send him on his way. Perhaps that is what must happen today.

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