Church Fights (Only?) Politically Incorrect Sins

Church Fights (Only?) Politically Incorrect Sins

[This man welcomes abortionists and schmoozes with them … Why does he schmooze with abortionists but not mafiosi? (Cf. Matthew 9:11 and Luke 5:30)]

Archbishop Michele Pennisi of Monreale, Sicily, confirmed that Salvatore Riina, 87, a famous chief of the Sicilian Mafia who died on November 17 will not receive a public funeral because he was a “public sinner” although Riina’s family has not asked for any Church ritual.

Also, Modernist Bishop Nunzio Galantino, the secretary of the Italian Bishops, showed no mercy, “The things have not changed only because Riina has died.”

However, Bologna priest, Father Francesco Pieri, a teacher of theology, asked on a social network, “Who has more victims on the conscience Riina or Emma Bonino?”

Bonino is an Italian abortionist who according to her own witness murdered more than 10’000 children, her own included, and was pivotal in introducing abortion in Italy. Pope Francis has met her more than ones and praised Bonino as “one of the big ones in modern Italy”.

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