Ecumenism tries to change history

Gloria.TV News 11/23/17

Last Friday the American Pro-Life activist and speaker [Raymond de Souza] gave a conference in Vienna about the Bible and Protestantism. De Souza asked the question, how Protestants could possibly establish the canon of the Bible and decide without the Church which books of the Bible are inspired by the Holy Spirit. He stressed that Protestants claim that the Bible is the pylon and foundation of the truth, whereas the Letter of Timothy says, that the Church is the pylon and the fundament of truth. De Souza’s talk is available on

In his talk, De Souza also criticized Luther’s vulgar language. Even the Protestants agree on this. Luther humiliated women and called Catholics papists and donkeys. De Souza encourages Protestants to read Luther. Because – quote – “then they would become Catholic”.

De Souza also criticized ecumenism practised by the Vatican. In October 2016, a Luther statue was displayed in the Vatican. The Pontifical Council for Christian Unity called Luther a “witness of the Gospel”. Pope Francis claimed that Luther wanted to reform the Church, not to divide it. De Souza comments, “The Pope and the Pontifical Council are wrong. We cannot change history”. De Souza believes that the Vatican creates confusion among the Catholics by denying obvious contradiction between Catholicism and Protestantism.

At the end of his talk de Souza announced that he will republish King Henry VIII’s book about the seven Sacraments. While still a Catholic, Henry VIII strongly opposed Luther and therefore received from Pope Leo X the title “Defender of the Faith”. He later lapsed and founded Anglicanism.

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