“Social Justice Warrior Christianity” Is A Demonic Deception

“Social Justice Warrior Christianity” Is A Demonic Deception


Please listen closely to this talk by Venerable Fulton Sheen as he expounds upon the need for personal holiness and the sacraments. Starting at 14:30 he said, “sometimes we can cover up our want of individual justice by a great love of social justice.” Then he expounded on Judas’ conduct when the woman poured oil on Jesus’ feet. He was robbing the apostolic purse and that is how he covered up his sin.

The blogger who writes the Conservative Millennial Blog picked up on that with his/her article, “The Problem With SJW Christianity”. A key passage in that is, “In Jesus we see that the call for repentance and love are inextricably intertwined. Somewhere along the way, Christians rejected that..”. In doing so, these Christians have lost touch with Jesus in their personal lives and have in fact fallen into sin while in the pursuit of their pet SJW projects, much like Judas. Consider these examples.

Many of those sjw people who are focused on “environmentalism” are opposed to the Dakota Pipeline. Recently it has been damaged. We see today in the Des Moines Register that two women claimed responsibility for several episodes of damage to valves using blowtorches, etc.. They held a press conference admitting to that fact while in the process of vandalizing a sign, whereupon they were immediately taken into custody. They are both involved in Iowa’s Catholic Worker social justice movement.

Sister Carol Keehan of the Pen of Perfidy, without whom we might never have been cursed with Obamacare, is now shilling for euthanasia while using thinly-veiled language. She decries “excessive treatment” without stating what constitutes “excessive” and more importantly, who determines that for patients. Many of these Obamacare apologists carry on about how the US health system should emulate that of Canada. Well, now that euthanasia has been legalized up there, parents are putting in requests to have their sick and/or disabled children euthanized: that is, put down like dogs. Is that what Keehan had in mind? I wouldn’t be one bit surprised to hear that answered in the affirmative.

I also wrote a bit on how some progressives are trying to embroil pro-lifers into the “social justice warrior” errors. The web pages of two of these outfits, Rehumanize International and New Pro-Live Movement, bear testimony to their serious errors. I need not rehash that in this post.

Pursue holiness for your eternal salvation. That means to frequent the sacraments, particularly Confession and Holy Communion. Pray your rosaries. Learn your Faith. Real Catholic action can be undertaken by defense of innocent human life from direct aggressions such as abortion and euthanasia. If you seek to engage in other social actions, by all means research whom you contemplate joining. If they or any of their other associates espouse positions in divergence with Holy Mother Church, avoid them.

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