Dictators of Mercy

Dictators of Mercy


by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 20, 2017

Joseph Tobin (left) and Blase Cupich (right), both elevated to the status of Cardinal by Pope Francis, are reliably pro-“gay”, pro-Holy Communion for public adulterers, and pro-open borders immigration policy. They are also proponents of the insidious “seamless garment” canard that reduces the sanctity of human life at all stages to an issue no more important than the number of immigrants admitted to the United States.

In a sign of hope for the largely decadent Church in America, Cupich was defeated in his bid to become head of the USCCB’s committee for pro-life activities, which he would promptly have neutralized by converting it to a “seamless garment” operation. The American bishops, breaking with protocol, elected, not the usual cardinal for that post, but Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, who, as the Modernist organ Crux magazine laments, “is more aligned with a traditional view that concentrates on abortion.” That is, the traditional view that preventing the murder of innocents is paramount over trendy liberal “social justice” concerns. In other words, the Catholic view.

As Crux notes with satisfaction, however, “at ages 65 and 68, respectively, Tobin and Cupich are quite young by ecclesial standards and will remain consequential players in a Church that Pope Francis is attempting to reform and remake.” But there is a problem with Francis’ plan to “remake” the Church in the image of Tobin and Cupich: those pesky Catholics, with their annoying Catholic blog sites, keep getting in the way by pointing out that “remaking” the Church — a classic Modernist enterprise — involves radical breaks from traditional teaching and practice whose results can only be failure and tragedy.

Thus, Cupich complains: “I don’t think people are scandalized by the pope. I think they’re being told to be scandalized. I think there’s a difference.” Yes, those dastardly Catholic bloggers are persuading people that the attempted “remake” of the Church is causing grave harm, when actually it is a “wonderful success” — just like the Soviet communes were! So, something must be done about these naysayers and their interference with the “remaking” of the Church.

For his part, Tobin complains that “the internet, which was supposed to be a wonderful market of ideas and a public square where we could talk to one another, has in many ways, reinforced and increased the polarization” — meaning that it has enabled Catholics to sound the alarm about what the likes of Tobin and Cupich are up to.

Of particular concern to Tobin and his fellow dictators of mercy are priests like Father Thomas Weinandy — formerly the very head of the USCCB’s doctrine department — whose historic open letter protesting the abuses of this pontificate achieved instant worldwide publicity via the Internet, as Crux notes with grave concern about this impudent outburst of orthodox Catholicism.

Tobin informed Crux that “he believes that while the internet presents incredible opportunities for evangelization, it also presents particular dilemmas for bishops and priests, and he’s asked his presbyteral council to consider a policy on how to best guide priests and bishops in the use of their social media…. I think as priests, there are certain things we can’t do. Or shouldn’t do morally.”

Translation: these meddlesome priests, with their alarmism about sound doctrine and practice, must be silenced! Beginning with Father Weinandy, who was sacked from his current position as a doctrinal consultant to the USCCB the day after his letter was published.

To that end, Crux provides a helpful headline for this totalitarian propaganda: “Battling the bullies; creating a culture of encounter.” Which in truth should read: “Battling the orthodox; creating a culture of fear.”

Behold those twin faces of the Dictatorship of Mercy: suppressing truth and imposing conformity to lies, while smiling every step of the way on what they think is their conquering march on the Church under the banner of Pope Francis. But under the banner of Our Lady of Fatima a dramatically different outcome is in store. She calls it the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

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One comment on “Dictators of Mercy

  1. Side note: The article reminded me of an encounter at a diocesan agitprop “happening” I was forced to attend, circa 1991.

    After a repulsive Modernist excursion by an ex- missionary cleric, another cleric, obviously displeased with audience reaction to the stench wafting our way from the podium, stood and glared at some of us with a look Hannibal Lector would have admired. And this from a PRIEST?

    A quarter century later, that mentality now rules Rome and chanceries throughout the West.

    The spiritual rot infiltrated into the power structure of the Church once Pius XI died has achieved mature status now and is literally well into its third generation.

    Barring divine (or an all-volunteer military) intervention, it will take 500 years to rebuild the Church.

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