Prominent Scientists and Catholics Call for Reforms of Pontifical Academy of Science

Prominent Scientists and Catholics Call for Reforms of Pontifical Academy of Science

Statement Denounces Population Control Enthusiasts at Vatican Events


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ROME, ITALY – A 12-page statement was issued today, calling on the Vatican to reform its administration of the Pontifical Academy of Science (PAS) and the Pontifical Academy of Social Science (PASS) due to the influence of population control advocates at academy events.  The statement, which was signed by several prominent scientists and lay Catholic leaders in the pro-life community, spotlighted several matters deeply concerning to both science and the integrity of Catholic moral teaching.

“At the very heart of the matter is that the academies are being misused by major proponents of population control seeking to gain the Church’s moral authority for their programs,” said Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute.  “Our hope in publishing this statement is to seek meaningful reforms so the academies can fulfill their original mandates without the danger of being manipulated for political purposes.”

The statement warns about the  key roles and particular influence of several individuals at Academy events, such as Jeffrey Sachs, who strongly advocate for the reduction of human fertility rates to combat poverty or global climate change.  Pointing out that Sachs claimed at one PAS event that the Church’s social teachings were in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, the statement reads:

There is a clear and present danger to the salvation of souls throughout the world by implying that there can be a common interest between the Church’s social teaching and secular goals which include morally illicit reduction of human fertility rates and population.

Dr. Glenn Juday, who co-authored the statement with Hichborn said “The Church has great respect for the integrity of the scientific method. Resolving the serious environmental and human development problems that confront the world requires both the insights of science and moral and ethical guidance. The Church needs to reform her administration of the Pontifical Academies of Science and Social Sciences so that ethical shortcuts are clearly rejected, and the value and dignity of innocent human life is upheld. The proper conduct of science and the religious mission of the Church should be harmonious.”

Other signers of the letter include, Jay H. Lehr, PhD, senior scientist at AR Environmental Services Inc. and Science Director at The Heartland Institute; William M. Briggs, PhD, Professor at the Cornell Medical School and Meteorologist with the National Weather Service; Harold H. Doiron, PhD, Retired NASA Scientist; Judie Brown, President of American Life League; Steven Mosher, President of Population Research Institute.

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