Why Does the Clergy Behave Like a Pack of Delinquent Monkeys?

Why Does the Clergy Behave Like a Pack of Delinquent Monkeys?

By Dr Geoffrey Brushwood



I wonder if the Church will ever recover from having had Pope Francis and the Bergoglio party.

Francis’ way of behaving has emboldened others who are willing to take things even beyond what he does. Then, Francis takes a cue from their behaviour and moves further on a destructive path. It appears that these negative forces coalesce and feed off each other.

Their behaviour is classic of a band of delinquent monkeys, studied by primatologists.

These monkeys started off by being rebellious and doing petty irritating things to the rest of the pack. Once the pack’s alpha male couldn’t stand up to them and stepped down, one of their own took over and they progressed in stages until they started a frenzy of grabbing baby monkeys from their mothers and eating them.

This behaviour was unusual as generally this type of monkey although carnivores, rarely eat monkeys from other packs which were killed in monkey territorial wars but never have been seen eating their own pack. Once established, this behaviour suddenly became endemic among these monkeys.

We have seen a similar behaviour of self-destruction in political regimes where minor officials with a sadistic streak thrive from the environment created by their leaders.

I would never have expected this inside the Catholic Church.

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2 comments on “Why Does the Clergy Behave Like a Pack of Delinquent Monkeys?

  1. The selective skewing of seminary candidates by certain diocesan vocation offices and Orders has produced moral catastrophe.

    Solid Catholic men are refused but hideously deformed examples of vice and corruption are preferred in many places.

    At which juncture, the monkey paradigm IS, in fact, most apt.

    Men unfit to tend circus stalls have been ordained.

    With that, all bets have been off since the Sixties.

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