Priest Suggests To Give Up on Using “Christmas”

Priest Suggests To Give Up on Using “Christmas”

[No longer “Keep Christ in Christmas” but this priest says, “Take Him out!”]

Oblate Father and Irish psychologist Desmond O’Donnell called for Christians to stop using the word “Christmas”.

Talking to the Belfast Telegraph (November 17) O’Donnell said that he wants to let go Christmas, “We’ve lost Christmas, just like we lost Easter, and should abandon the word completely”.

According to O’Donnell Christmas has been commercialised, hijacked by “Santa and reindeer” and has no sacred meaning anymore.

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3 comments on “Priest Suggests To Give Up on Using “Christmas”

  1. This is so wrong.

    The problem is not the word “Christmas” or Santa Claus or reindeer. Or Frosty the Snowman.
    Or Yule wreaths, holly, mistletoe.

    The biggest problem right now is in Rome on the throne of St. Peter and in every modernist seminary and national bishops’ conference. How will Western societies ever counter
    the secularization being imposed by the Illuminati and their minions as long as insufferable modernist perverts control the chanceries, seminaries, and the papacy? We don’t need sad passive-aggressive Jansenism from defeatists worn down by too much soy. With the money the Church has paid out to settle clergy abuse cases from modernist perverts impersonating priests the Church could have bought all of the air time it wanted to broadcast and explain the meaning of Christianity, the Incarnation, and the Mass for the entire month of December. Instead we still have pervert modernists embezzling from the sacristies to fund Key West beach condos. So shout “Humbug!” at smarmy masonic corporations pushing Malthusian population control for appropriating “Christmas” if you want to. That’s a complete waste of Catholic resources and man power. Restore the TRUE MEANING of “Christmas” on Catholic property and on Catholic campuses and give us the real Mass. It’s not the word for the holy day that is the problem. Jansenism on Christmas is not going to convert anyone.

  2. Pope Francis turns into Grinch


    Christmas is “all a charade,” says the Pope that Stole Christmas.


  3. What is the proper Catholic approach to Christmas? How can your parish help restore Jesus and faith to the Christmas season? What can Catholics do individually in their lives and families to make Christ and the Catholic faith the focus of their celebration of Christmas?

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