Francis Described As “Dialectical Thinker”

Francis Described As “Dialectical Thinker”

Pope Francis represents “reconciliation thinking” according to the Perugia Philosopher Massimo Borghesi, a neoconservative who converted to Bergoglianism. Borghesi recently published the new Francis book “An Intellectual Biography” for which he met with Francis in January and March four times. The book reveals the title of Francis’ never completed doctoral thesis: “Polar opposition as Structure of Daily Thought and Christian Proclamation”.

Austen Ivereigh writes that Borghesi’s presentation of Francis’ “dialectical thinking” is the core of his book. Writing on (November 18) he says that Bergoglio started in 1986 to work intensively on his doctoral thesis for a period of at least four years but never finished it. This period came to an end when he was made an auxiliary bishop in 1992.

According to Ivereigh it is not clear if anyone has ever seen the thesis. It was a study on Romano Guardini’s work Der Gegensatz (“The Contrast”) about reconciling polar contrasts.

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