For the record: Fr. Minutella threatened with “double excommunication”

For the record: Fr. Minutella threatened with “double excommunication”

There’s no point in even comparing the good Don Minutella with every wretched heretical priest — even some speaking on behalf of the Vatican — who bring countless souls to Hell through their preaching and television appearances. Not only do these priests not not face excommunication, but are widely praised, and are empower by Pope Francis himself. But the names are too endless to even start comparing. So we simply bring you this sad video, dubbed over in English. Welcome to the Church of Francis:
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2 comments on “For the record: Fr. Minutella threatened with “double excommunication”

  1. “Double excommunication”?!
    I have never heard of this term before. I’ve searched the net, and all I find is some talk about how this is an excommunication that can NEVER BE REVOKED, because it is based on a sin against the Holy Ghost, which cannot be forgiven. (See the old Cath. Encyclopedia, article ‘Acacius’.
    The whole concept seems weird though.
    The catechisms all teach that any sin, no matter how grievous, can be forgiven.
    The sin against the Holy Ghost is said to be “unforgivable”, because such a sin is defined as the conscious rejection of an indubitable truth. In other words, it is evidence of love of self to the point of *hatred* of truth, and the God Who creates the reality which is the truth that we must accept; or again, it’s evidence of a habitual inclination to reject God and His reality in preference to one’s own fantasies. Such a habit is of itself a “self-sealing” of oneself into the dark confines of self love, so that one automatically and by reflex action rejects truth whenever it conflicts with one’s self-love.
    But, so far as I can see, all this means is that a man, so far as he is able, has consciously removed himself from the influence of actual grace.
    But to claim that this means that God is now bound to *never* give an extraordinary grace of conversion to such a pervert, or to show mercy to such willful blindness? It’s going a bit far, isn’t it? Since when has the Church ever claimed to definitively declare that such and such soul is eternally and irrevocably reprobate in God’s sight?
    That’s like pretending to read God’s mind.

    Of course, such pretensions are exactly what one would expect of Modernists. After all, the Modernists believe in “vital immanence”, which is to say that their own inmost desires are God speaking within them.
    Thus if Fr. Minutella’s bishop *feels* that Fr. Minutella has irrevocably damned himself, why, it must be so.

    In any case, we see here the INCREDIBLE hypocrisy of the Church of Mercy.

    If anybody has any more info on this “double excommunication” thingy, I would be much interested to hear it.

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