Papal message to UN climate change conference

Papal message to UN climate change conference

[But His Holiness says in his eco-ideological encyclical Laudato Si (paragraph 61): “On many concrete questions, the Church has no reason to offer a definitive opinion; she knows that honest debate must be encouraged among experts, while respecting divergent views”]

Catholic World News – 11/16/17

Climate change is “one of the most worrying phenomena our humanity is experiencing,” Pope Francis said in a message to the UN climate conference in Bonn. The Pope warned against 4 “perverse attitudes”: “denial, indifference, resignation, and trust in inadequate solutions.”

Source: Vatican Press Office

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2 comments on “Papal message to UN climate change conference

  1. Anyone who questions this left wing agenda is “perverse”.
    Sodomites and adulterers…..A OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s interesting that that “who am I to judge?” line doesn’t seem to come up on using air conditioning or on climate change and global warming.

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