Cardinal Sarah Refuses to Play in Francis’ Kindergarten

Cardinal Sarah Refuses to Play in Francis’ Kindergarten

Cardinal Robert Sarah has not withdrawn his declaration that the Vatican has final responsibility for liturgical translations although Pope Francis had asked him to do so humiliating him in public.

All started with the Motu Proprio Magnum Principium (September 3) in which Francis applies his confusion strategy in order to shift responsibility for liturgical translations to the local bishops without saying it. Sarah rectified this confusion with a statement in L’Homme Nouveau (October 1).

Francis wanted Sarah to send a disclaimer to L’Homme Nouveau, all Bishops’ Conferences, and to the members and consultors of his congregation. It seems that Sarah decided not to play in Francis’ sandbox game. So far L’Homme Nouveau has not received any statement from the cardinal.

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  1. Cardinal Sarah stands firm against the Pope

    From Christopher Gillibrand
    Wednesday, November 15, 2017

    Cardinal Sarah does not respond to the Pope’s request

    It has never happened before. Francis had publicly corrected the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. In a letter to him the Pope contradicts him and demands a reply. But he is silent.

    In a theological debate initiated by him Curial Cardinal Robert Sarah has not responded to a request by Pope Francis for a denial so far. It deals with the question of who has the last word in liturgical translations in the respective national language. According to research by the Catholic News Agency (KNA), Sarah by Tuesday apparently did not respond to a request from the Pope to publicize his response to statements by the Cardinal on the Internet. The cardinal from Guinea leads the Congregation for Divine Worship in the Vatican.

    Canon 838 of the canon law specified

    Francis had specified in his decree “Magnum Principium” Canon 838 of the canon law. For the translation of liturgical texts, therefore, it is above all the national episcopal conferences that are responsible. They should only confirm these with Rome. So if there is there a concern about the change, no alternative translations should be written.

    Sarah, however, sees the final decision still with Congregation for Divine Worship. At least that is the result of a post that Sarah let be published on the French Internet portal, L’Homme Nouveau. Several other portals took over this text or quoted excerpts from it.

    Letter to the Cardinal
    Francis then addressed a letter to the Cardinal questioning Sarah’s authorship, but at the same time urging him to promote the dissemination of “this, my answer” on the relevant websites, as well as to all episcopal conferences and members and advisers of his Dicastery”.

    As confirmed by L’Homme Nouveau editor-in-chief, Philippe Maxence on request, the text was written by Sarah himself. So far, the Cardinal has also made no denial. Also, no request was made to the editors to publish a reply from the Pope. “If I had received something like that, then I would have published it,” says Maxence. The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments has not yet commented.

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