Outside The Bishops’ November Meeting

[Outside The Bishops’ November Meeting]

[A case of “the pot calling the kettle black”; hat-tip to Canon212: “AmericaMag to USCCB: When are you going to rein in this renegade Catholic media and their misrepresentations?!”]

From The Bishops’ November Meeting

by Kathleen Pluth

One very interesting thing happened outside the meeting, at the press conference after the morning sessions. A press representative from America Magazine asked whether divisive, renegade, misrepresentations of Catholicism, especially in social media, were being adequately addressed by the bishops.

Currently America Magazine’s social media is running a headline quoting USCCB President Cardinal DiNardo, who laudably spoke about resisting division caused by hot-button issues.

It strikes me that America Magazine as a promotor of irenicism on hot button issues [such as contraception and sodomy – AQ moderator Tom] is an unusual role, and also that their call for more stringent episcopal oversight of independent uses of media is perhaps unintentionally ironic.

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