Archbishop Joseph Naumann Elected Head of Bishops’ Pro-Life Committee

Archbishop Joseph Naumann Elected Head of Bishops’ Pro-Life Committee

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, won with 96 votes [54%]. The other candidate, Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago, garnered 82 votes [46%].

[Could not find an official (USCCB or CNS) number of bishops eligible to vote or who are attending the fall 2017 assembly (Wikipedia lists 428 active and retured bishops, all of whom are eligible members. Based on the largest number of total votes cast for each of seven open offices (205 for the doctrine committee chairman) compared to the total number for pro-life committee chairman (178), at least 27 bishops did not vote for that office either as “fence sitters” concerning who would be the better candidate or for abstention or absence for another reason.]

Carl Bunderson

BALTIMORE — In a move seen as an endorsement of St. John Paul II’s “culture of life” approach, the U.S. bishops Tuesday elected Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, as chairman of the conference’s Committee on Pro-Life Activities.

The bishops also elected a conference secretary and the chairs of five additional committees Nov. 14 during their plenary assembly in Baltimore. Board members for Catholic Relief Services were elected, as well.

Archbishop Naumann won the pro-life committee with 96 votes, or 54%. The other candidate, Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago, garnered 82 votes or 46%. The committee has customarily been overseen by a cardinal.

Archbishop Naumann, who was already a member of the pro-life committee, has challenged pro-choice Catholic politicians, spearheaded efforts to restrict abortion in Kansas, and prioritized abortion in his teaching ministry.

As a young priest, he oversaw the pro-life office of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Under his leadership, the archdiocese began the Project Rachel ministry, a post-abortion healing ministry. He also worked to support pregnancy centers and homes for mothers and children.

Cardinal Cupich has also spoken directly about the moral issue of abortion and strongly criticized politicians whom he believes take “pro-choice advocacy” too far. But he has contextualized these efforts in the memory of “seamless garment” approach of the late Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin.

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2 comments on “Archbishop Joseph Naumann Elected Head of Bishops’ Pro-Life Committee

  1. [Abp. Naumann is an honest bishop. He’s a good pick.]

    U.S. Archbishop Holds Up Abortion as ‘The Moral Crisis of Our Time’

    by Mr. Liz Liv Glendon, former Maciel cult priest

    Archbishop Joseph Naumann has qualified abortion as the great “moral crisis of our time,” overshadowing immigration, health care, and capital punishment.

    While many other moral issues merit attention from the bishops, Naumann said, it would be a mistake to treat them as if they had the same weight, noting that the “vast majority of bishops” understand that abortion is the preeminent moral crisis of our time.

    “The church’s leadership in this area is extremely important,” he said.

  2. Some are trying to spin this as the American hierarchy [or at least a significant part] standing up to Bergoglio. “US Bishops Signal Resistance to Pope Francis’s Agenda?” reports the WSJ See:

    I’m not holding my breath. This is more neo-Catholic fake news. Remember back when Timothy Dolan was selected over Bp. Kicanas against precedent to be pres. of the USCCB? Kicanas was the liberal darling – even though as a seminary rector he approved of a known homosexual abuser to go on to ordination. Even the leftist NCR was crying about how “reactionary” & “conservative” the U.S. bishops were. Dolan’s election was seen as proof of how the conference was in bed with the evil Republican party and social values deplorables! Well we all know how Dolan turned out!!! I suspect we’re seeing much of the same now.

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