Papal “Privy Council” Member: “Francis Speaks About Abolishing Celibacy”

Papal “Privy Council” Member: “Francis Speaks About Abolishing Celibacy”

Modernist Munich Cardinal Marx has declared that Pope Francis speaks with his councilors about abolishing priestly celibacy. As a member of Council of Cardinals, Marx is one of Francis’ closest councilors.

Marx spoke at a meeting of the Committee of Catholics in Bavaria in Munich on Friday.

The Austrian theologian Paul Zulehner, a rabid enemy of the Catholic Faith and foe of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, was invited to speak at the same meeting. He expressed his conviction that Francis will abolish celibacy “if nobody shoots or poisons him”.

The German Church has lost any spiritual or moral relevance. It has become and empty structure run by money and well-paid church employees. It is not surprising that these functionaries oppose a true commitment to the Church as expressed in celibate life.

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One comment on “Papal “Privy Council” Member: “Francis Speaks About Abolishing Celibacy”

  1. Will Celibacy Frist Be Killed in Germany?

    The blog Anonimi della Croce (November 11) writes that the German bishops have presented to Pope Francis a list of married “permanent deacons” they want to ordain to the priesthood. According to the blog Francis’ permission is already underway.

    Since the Council the German Church has been reduced to an empty shell with over 100.000 employees, most of them not engaged in pastoral activities. This structure is kept alive by a huge cash flow generated by the German Church tax. Married priests will help to keep this façade upright.

    [I think bishops in KrautChurch and other similar places will wait until after the upcoming pan-Amazon synod (which may recommend such) and when the Pope approves the recommendation (unless he beats the synod to the punch and issues a motu proprio allowing such before any action by the synod), then those bishops will go ahead and ask such permission – similar to the Communion-in-the-paw issue which started unauthorized in certains parts of the West European continent, to which Pope Paul VI responded by a poll of the world’s bishops (a majority of whom opposed the matter), followed by the instruction Memoriale Domini affirming the traditional manner of receiving on the tongue as “the rule” but allowing “exceptions” for the other manner in those countries where the practice occurred and the bishops requested such – then “the dam broke” – AQ moderator Tom]

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