Chinese regime recognizes ‘underground’ bishop

Chinese regime recognizes ‘underground’ bishop

[In an installation ceremony in imitation of the Catholic one: Reading a “letter of approval” from the puppet Patriotic Church by a representative of that rump group instead of reading the papal bull of the bishop’s appointment by the Pope’s representative – and the new bishop vowing to be “patriotic” (i.e., subservient to the Patriotic Church) instead of “obedience to the successor of the apostle Peter”]

Catholic World News – 11/10/17

Bishop Joseph Han Zhihai of Lanzhou, China, who had previously been recognized by the Holy See but not by the Beijing regime, has been formally installed as a bishop of the “official” Church. All of the prelates who joined in the installation ceremony were recognized by the Vatican.

Source: AsiaNews

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2 comments on “Chinese regime recognizes ‘underground’ bishop

  1. God have mercy on him and help him. The pressure on the faithful is enormous. Bishops and priests languish in prisons, suffering torment. However, there is no way to save one’s soul in the government church.

  2. UPDATE from AsiaNews:

    According to news from his diocese, the day after his installation, Msgr. Han accompanied “a pilgrimage” of a group of priests and nuns in Lanzhou, Pingliang and Tianshui (Gansu) to Jinggangshan (Jiangxi), considered the cradle of the Communist Revolution, the starting point of the Long March. [An act of obeisance to the ChiComs equivalent to that of lapsed Christians in ancient Rome burning incense to the pagan gods? – AQ moderator Tom]


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