Walk Gently, Mr. President

Walk Gently, Mr. President


We have been told that you will soon fly into DaNang on your visit to Vietnam. As one who served at DaNang AB during the TeT Offensive of ’67-’68 and saw my buddies in the cockpit of a B-52 literally fried to a crisp in their seats as they attempted a crash-landing at DaNang after having dropped bombs over North Vietnam, I make this plea.
That’s the country that you will now be visiting, Mr. President, the very same one that took over South Vietnam in the name of Communism and now purports to rule so many South Vietnamese who were left defenseless when our country pulled out of a war that had cost us so much in lives and treasure. So walk gently, Mr. President, for you will be on hallowed ground, And let their be no doubt about why I and many of my brothers served in that war, Mr. President, for it was to stop Communism from making inroads in SEA. These Communists, Mr. President, are now serving as your hosts as you travel in lands drenched with the blood of our brothers in arms.

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