“Ecumenical Mass”? It Will Be Much Worse

“Ecumenical Mass”? It Will Be Much Worse


The Italian liturgist Andrea Grillo, an intimate of Pope Francis and rabid enemy of the Catholic truth, commented on the secrete Vatican commission working on an “ecumenical Mass”.

According to Grillo this is not about an “ecumenical mass” but an attempt of putting Holy Mass and Protestant services on the same level.

Writing on settimananews.it (November 7) Grillo makes it clear that the ultimate aim is to abolish the priesthood since according to him there is no essential difference between a Protestant service and a Catholic Mass, and Protestant lay ministers and ordained priests can be “reciprocally recognized”.

Ignoring the essential difference between Holy Mass and a Protestant service Grillo calls the deficits of the Protestant doctrine and liturgy “riches” and mere “differences”. He is much less conciliatory when he rants against the Old Mass.

Grillo explains that this will be done by using the “celebration of [Protestant] Holy Supper, the Holy Mass, the Holy Liturgy” for a “search of communion”. This means that handing out Holy Communion to people who do not believe in it, could start at any moment.

Grillo is strongly suspected of being part of the secret “ecumenical mass” group.

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