Pure Evil

Don’t over-analyze it. It’s simple. Satan has infected the minds of individuals that are susceptible to his temptations. It’s not guns. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. And don’t expect me to give up my right to defend myself and my family. It ain’t goin’ to happen, folks. To those who were victims of the tragedy in Texas yesterday I send my heartleft condolences along with the vow that there are still people in this country who will not drink the liberal progressive kool-aid that has infected this country since the 1960s. To kill Evil one must cut off the head of the snake; and that snake is the same one that wreaked havoc in the Garden of Eden. Get real. America, and get back to God and pack one if necessary while doing so.

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3 comments on “Pure Evil

  1. San Antonio Archbishop says No to firearms for self-defense in Church:
    Slap in the face for victims of Sutherland, TX? You decide.

  2. Sign or no sign, I always carry my firearm ! I always have. Also when it comes to ” Modern Church Teaching”, I do not listen to any of these cone heads either. They have their heads up their cassock.

  3. Dallas diocese to downplay ban on guns in parish churches

    [A sop without substance to give a false sense of security to church-goers]

    Catholic World News – 11/8/17

    Following a massacre at a Texas church, the Diocese of Dallas has advised pastors to take down signs indicating that guns are not allowed in the church buildings. The no-gun rule will remain in effect, but the diocese will remove to signs “to eliminate the perception that any of our parishes would be an easy target for terror.”

    Source: CBS

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