Denials of an “ecumenical Mass” commission, committee, cabal or whatever you wish to call it

[Denials of an “ecumenical Mass” commission, committee, cabal or whatever you wish to call it]

Remember the secret papal commission “studying” Liturgiam Authenticam without the involvement of the Liturgy Congregation’s Prefect (Cardinal Sarah)

[To appropriate a line from Shakespeare: They doth protest too much, methinks! (I acknowledge the incorrect agreement of the number of the subject and verb. If the politically-correct grammarians can do such with the subject and object for the sake of “inclusive language,” then I can do such with the subject and verb to retain as much as possible of Shakespeare’s original language as well as to make my point. – AQ moderator Tom)]

Liturgist denies membership of alleged ‘ecumenical Mass’ committee

The Roman liturgist Andrea Grillo, a bitter enemy of the Catholic faith [“Transubstantiation is not a dogma and, as an explanation, it has its limits”], has denied rumours that he is part of a Vatican committee working on an “ecumenical Mass”.

Grillo is the first alleged member who comments the rumours about such a commission. He said to the Catholic Herald, “I wish to insist that I am not part of any Vatican commission. I teach, study and publish: these are my only activities.” This denial is no guarantee that Grillo is not involved in such a group although it may not be called “commission” or “Vatican commission”.

In the meantime the practice of “ecumenical masses” is underway and even strongly encouraged.

Vatican: There Is No “Commission” Examining An Ecumenical Mass?

Vatican press speaker Greg Burke has declined reports that there is a “Vatican commission” examining an ecumenical mass, They are “simply not true”, Vaticanista Christopher Lamb quotes Burke on twitter.

Twitter-User Leo Wong stays sceptical, “The denials of this always say ‘commission’. No one who says this may be happening, says ‘commission’.”

It is a common practice among Vatican representatives to play on words in order to conceal the truth.


The Tablet | 06 November 2017 | by Christopher Lamb

The Vatican has strongly denied reports that a commission has been established examining the possibility of a setting up an “ecumenical Mass” which would allow Catholics and Protestants to celebrate a shared Eucharist.

Archbishop Arthur Roche, the number two official at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments [and a member of the secret papal commission “studying” Liturgiam Authenticam as well as the possible author and “official” commentator on the results of that commission’s work, Francis’ motu proprio Magnum Principium], told The Tablet that reports of a joint Mass were “utterly false” while Greg Burke, Director of the Holy See Press Office, described them as “simply untrue.”

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One comment on “Denials of an “ecumenical Mass” commission, committee, cabal or whatever you wish to call it

  1. The Secret Commission Exists Despite Vatican Denials

    The blog Anonimi della Croce which broke the story in March, insists that a secret “ecumenical Mass commission” exists despite a Vatican denial.

    It knows that it is made up of prelates and theologians from Italy, the U.S., Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.

    The blog points out that the denial of the Vatican is playing on words, “Let them call it however they want: confidential commission, working table, research group, working group.”

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