Bishop Hunts “Hidden” Enemies of Pope Francis

Bishop Hunts “Hidden” Enemies of Pope Francis

[The campaign against anti-Bergolians (real and imagined) spreads]

Bishop Erio Castellucci of Modena, Italy, published in an October issue of his diocesan weekly an edict ordering his priests not to receive in their parishes “seers, charismatics, journalists and intellectuals who manifest a hidden or open dissent towards the official Church and especially to Pope Francis”.

La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana points out that in October Castellucci had a friendly public discussion with the theologian Andrea Grillo, an intimate enemy of the Catholic faith who habitually used to attack Benedict XVI or John Paul II.

One of the first victims of Castellucci was Monsignor Antonio Livi, a known philosopher and professor, who was disinvited from speaking in a Modena parish after an intervention of Castellucci.

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