WE ARE OFFICIALLY ENTERED INTO APOSTASY – 5 November “ecumenical Mass” in Rome

Beginning on Sunday, November 5, in Rome, officially begins the “ecumenical Mass” a few steps from St. Peter’s.

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From Santa Marta, in the past few days, an unofficial “bergogliano” invitation to these communities started to “organize” (since it is their style to be pioneers of ecclesial innovations) to start with the Lutherans experimenting with the “ecumenical mass”.

Base Communities have been organized for the most part. Meanwhile, publishing a document on the urgent necessity of Eucharistic hospitality within the Catholic and Protestant Church you find here ( www.cdbsanpolo.it/cartella%20documenti/Comunit%C3%A0%20di%20base%20e%20Noi % 20We are% 20Chiesa% 20sull’anno% 20luterano-1.pdf ). But that was not enough. From the document they went to action. Indeed, as of November 5, 2017, the Catholic communities will participate in the Protestant Eucharist in the Lutheran Church of Via Sicilia in Rome. They have stated:  So we (the Community of Base..ndr), in our little one, will come here in this church and grateful for your hospitality, to fully participate in your celebration, with you taking bread and drinking the wine prepared on the Lord’s table . We take this responsible decision with serenity, convinced that it is part of an irreversible journey that will ultimately bring our Churches to full theological pacification and to work together united. ” Find all the information in this article ( http://riforma.it/it/articolo/2017/10/31/hospitalita-eucaristica-roma-la-comunita-di-base-partecipa-al-culto-luterano ). The phrase ” irreversible ” is still affected in this statement  . Obviously. Bergoglio decided it!

In addition, as it was assumed, Lutherans would then move to the community of Base Communities to attend their Eucharist, and then approach them together with Catholics, at times not very clear.

So, even IF THE OFFICIAL TEXT OF THE “ECUMENICAL MASS” HAS NOT YET BEEN PUBLISHED , IN A PERFECT BERGOLIAN STYLE, IT STARTS FROM THE “BASE”, BEGINNING THIS EXPERIENCE, THEN ACCEPTING IT, FORMALIZING IT, AND IMPOSING IT. How was it done for communion to “divorced” divorced and Amoris Laetitia. And WHOEVER WILL DARE TO SPEAK ABOUT IT WILL BE MARGINALIZED, DISMISSED, AND SILENCED.  Of course in the name of mercy. See previous article ( anonimidellacroceblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/02/-regime-di-bergoglio-in-stile-sudamericano-chiedi-la-testa-degli-pospositori-di-fra-cristoforo/ ).

Note that this episode should not be underestimated. The fact that two steps from Saint Peter’s give rise to the experience of “ecumenical mass” or “intercommunion,” after all the various recent Declarations of the past, is highly significant. This is the official beginning of apostasy. At the signing of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He who has ears intends. And who has ecclesiastical authority to raise the voice, do it  now. Or ever again.

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