Pope condemns warmakers during visit to WWII cemetery

Pope condemns warmakers during visit to WWII cemetery

[Does His Holiness’ statement refer to those who are buried in the places that he visited or to those who cause/start wars (to which those buried in the cemetery gave their lives to stop such wars and those in the memorial were victims of such wars)?]

Catholic World News – 11/2/17

Pope Francis made an emotional prayer for an end to war on November 2, as he visited a cemetery for American soldiers killed in World War II. “There are men who are doing everything to declare war,” the Pope said in his ad-lib remarks. “Please, God, stop them.”

Later the Pontiff visited the Ardeatine Caves Memorial, at the site where 335 Italian civilians were massacred by Nazi officers.

Source: Vatican Press Office

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2 comments on “Pope condemns warmakers during visit to WWII cemetery

  1. You want to end war, your Holiness?Then you and your bishops obey the Mother of God and consecrate Russia!

    Don’t blame others for war while you refuse to do what you have to do to end it yourself!

  2. Comment by Donald McClarey at PopeWatch:

    [T]he Pope is wrong in his final sentence: “With war, you lose everything”. By being defeated by the US and its Allies in World War II, Italy cast off Mussolini and gained democracy. By becoming part of Nato, Italy has had the longest period of peace for the peninsula since the time of Cato the Elder. On a personal note, PopeWatch hopes that the Pope will not use a US military cemetery again for one of his historically ignorant pacifist screeds. These are places of honor, and the brave men whose bodies rest there for their resurrection are not props for the Pope to use in his pacifist morality play.

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