Good-bye Pewsitter

[Good-bye Pewsitter]

[You were a good source for many Angelqueen posts and comments. Nonetheless, we still have Canon212, The Remnant, LifeSiteNews (especially with its recently enhanced Catholic coverage) and similar Trad sites as well as (with some of us holding our nose) CatholicCulture, ChurchMilitant and similar neo-Catholic sites as possible sources.]

Dear Pewsitter Reader,

After more than 11 years of continuous news aggregation I have decided to cease operations of
Pewsitter. It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve you. Thank you for your patronage over
those years.

These are disconcerting and difficult times in which we live, both within the secular world and the
Church. The good news is that we know, in the end, Christ will triumph. I continue to pray for the
Church and our Pope and I ask that you do the same. To quote St. Padre Pio, “Pray, hope and
don’t worry.”


James Todd

* * *

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