‘Ecumenical Mass’ cannot be arranged: German Cardinal Woelki

‘Ecumenical Mass’ cannot be arranged: German Cardinal Woelki

[Tell that to the base communities in Rome that will be starting an
“ecumenical Mass” with Lutherans this Sunday (November 5th) “two steps” from St. Peter’s (see WE ARE OFFICALLY ENTERED INTO APOSTASY)]

Catholic World News – 11/3/17

Cardinal Rainier Woelki of Cologne dismissed reports that Vatican officials are planning an ecumenical celebration of the Eucharist: a rite that would allow Protestants and Catholics to worship together. The cardinal said that because Catholics and Protestants differ on the “central issues” involving the Eucharist, there could be no common ground for such a ceremony.

Source: Catholic Herald

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One comment on “‘Ecumenical Mass’ cannot be arranged: German Cardinal Woelki

  1. Pope calls for Protestants to be allowed to serve as Catholic priests
    Holly Beth McQuackly
    National Catholic Distorter
    November 3, 2017

    Vatican City – In a move which caught many Vatican observers and Catholic journalists by surprise, Pope Francis has issued a motu proprio which grants approval for Protestants to be ordained as Catholic priests. The new policy was granted in honor of the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. While details are still forthcoming, the Pope announced that any Protestant who disagrees with excessively rigid or orthodox traditional Catholics will be approved for ordination as Catholic priests.

    “Rumors had been swirling around Rome for days,” Father Guido Sarducci reported from his office at the Gregorian University in Rome where he teaches a seminar on moral theology. “We had heard that the Holy Father had something big planned for the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, but this took everyone by surprise. This is a pontificate of big surprises. It’s like Christmas, Mardi Gras, and New Year’s Eve in Key West all combined. It’s a very exciting time in Catholic theological circles.”

    Confidential sources have told us that the Holy Father felt prompted to change the rules on qualifications for the Catholic priesthood spontaneously during a mid-flight airplane interview while speaking to journalists about the problem of air conditioning. Pope Francis, who studied modernist theology while in the Jesuit order, has been known to make unexpected and unconventional proclamations during interviews while flying on airliners with members of the media.

    “If someone is Protestant and disagrees with Catholic teaching on papal authority or birth control, but searches for the Lord in accord with their conscience, who am I to judge?” the Holy Father said [giggling] to reporters. No timeline has been announced for when the new policy will begin, but reports of Protestant interest in the Catholic priesthood have picked up since the Pope called for a discussion of married priests.

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