Vatican newspaper op-ed examines today’s youth

Vatican newspaper op-ed examines today’s youth

[True, but what does the last sentence mean? Rather, did the author’s parents abandon the Church?]

Catholic World News – November 02, 2017

In view of the upcoming synod on young people, the Vatican newspaper has devoted a front-page op-ed to the state of today’s youth.

In the article, Lucetta Scaraffia discusses Riprendiamoci i nostri figli, a new book on today’s youth by Antonio Polito. Scaraffia speaks of an “inverted demographic pyramid” in which youth become narcissistic because of a lack of siblings. Discipline has disappeared from schools, effort is devalued, emotion has replaced language, and biology has replaced individual responsibility. In addition, youth are flattered by advertisers and by adults who seek their approval, and they communicate only among themselves via smartphones.

“Polito’s parents have also been abandoned by the Church[!?],” Scaraffia adds.

Source: Perché i figli non ci ascoltano più : Because our children are no longer listening to us (L’Osservatore Romano, p. 1)

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