Pro-Abortion Democrat Congressman Shouts Down Black Catholic Pro-Life Woman, Calls Her “Ignorant”

Pro-Abortion Democrat Congressman Shouts Down Black [Catholic] Pro-Life Woman, Calls Her “Ignorant”

[Pro-lifers are the New Niggers even if they are Black – such as Star Parker and Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.); hat-tip to Jungerheld at Gloria.TV]


A pro-abortion Democrat Congressman, during a congressional hearing today, shouted down a black pro-life advocate who expressed her dismay at how Planned Parenthood targets black babies in abortions. Rep. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee Democrat, yelled at the pro-life woman and said she was “ignorant.”

Star Parker told members of Congress during the hearing on a bill to ban abortions after 6 weeks that she believes abortion unfairly targets the African American community.

“In fact when you put the Dred Scott decision next to the Roe v Wade decision, they read almost verbatim. I’d like to also address something that was brought up earlier…when it comes to mixing the abortion issue with the challenges that we face in many of our hard-hit communities. I feel it disingenuous that the issues of Medicaid would come up, and other opportunities for us to re-address what has happened in our most distressed zip codes,” Parker said.

“The way that Planned Parenthood targets these particular zip codes with abortion. Abortion is the leading cause of death in the black community today. Since Roe v. Wade was legalized, 20 million humans have been killed inside of the womb of black women. And then on Halloween, Planned Parenthood tweets out that the black women are safest if they abort their child rather than bring it to term,” Parker continued.

Cohen complained that he is “not disingenuous about anything I say…. And to suggest I’m disingenuous shows your ignorance or your absolute inability to deal with Congresspeople the way they should. I believe in those issues and I think they’re proper, and to say I’m disingenuous is just wrong and I expect an apology.”

Instead of an apology, pro-life lawmakers on the panel said Congressman Cohen ought to apologize to Parker for calling her “ignorant.”

“I would ask for an apology from the gentleman from Tennessee — calling our witness ignorant when it seems to me she has a whole lot more knowledge and wisdom” than he does, Rep. Louie Gohmert commented.

“She’s ignorant about me,” Cohen replied.

Citing the “lack of civility” that had erupted, Chairman Steve King ended the hearing.

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One comment on “Pro-Abortion Democrat Congressman Shouts Down Black Catholic Pro-Life Woman, Calls Her “Ignorant”

  1. [More from the hearings]

    ‘I am a mass murderer,’ former abortionist tells Congress

    Claire Chretien

    WASHINGTON, D.C., November 2, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – “I am a mass murderer,” a former abortionist who is now pro-life told a U.S. House committee yesterday as she testified in favor of legislation banning abortions on babies with beating hearts.

    Dr. Kathi Aultman, a board certified Ob/Gyn and a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), bluntly told this to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee today as it discussed the Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017.

    This legislation would stop nearly all abortions by making it illegal for doctors to commit them on babies with beating hearts. Fetal heartbeats begin at 21 days after conception and are usually heard by parents when their child is six or eight weeks along.

    The Heartbeat Protection Act makes no exception for babies conceived in rape or incest.

    The Committee’s legislators were shown an ultrasound video taken hours before the hearing. The video showed an 18-week-old baby named Lincoln Miller, whose heartbeat could be heard and whose heart could be seen pulsing.


    18-week-old baby Lincoln Miller “testifies” before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. His heartbeat could be seen and heard on an ultrasound video.

    “I love to meet adults that I delivered, but it’s always bittersweet because I am reminded of all the people I will never meet because I aborted them,” Aultman testified. “It also reminds me that I am a mass murderer.”

    Just because “we can’t see who they will become, we feel justified in sacrificing babies in the womb for the people we can see,” she said.

    “Our society has been subjected to extreme propaganda” from abortion supporters, she said. “We have sanitized our language to make abortion more palatable.”

    Later in her testimony, Aultman said that when she was an abortionist, she called the babies she aborted “fetuses” but the ones she delivered “babies.”

    Aultman recalled the “tiny but perfectly formed limbs, intestines, kidneys, and other organs” of aborted babies she examined under microscopes.

    Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee, made a point at the beginning of reading at the beginning of the hearing a statement from ACOG disavowing Aultman’s testimony.

    “Her testimony does not represent” our views, the ACOG statement said.

    Cohen later yelled at Star Parker, an African-American pro-life activist and Committee witness, accusing her of “ignorance.” Parker had suggested Cohen shouldn’t conflate the evil of abortion with social ills and issues like Medicaid.

    Aultman said three patients led her to think differently about abortion: one who underwent her fourth abortion at Aultman’s clinic apathetically, one who displayed “hostility” by saying, “no, I just want to kill it” when asked if she wanted to see her baby, and one with four born children who cried throughout the abortion.

    “What struck me was the apathy of the first patient and the hostility of the second towards the fetus, contrasted with the sorrow and misery of the woman who knew what it was to have a child,” Aultman testified. “I realized that the baby was the innocent victim in all of this. The fact that the baby was unwanted was no longer enough justification for me to kill it. I could no longer do abortions.”

    Aultman said her views also changed after she saw young women who chose life do amazingly well versus the women who suffered terribly in the aftermath of abortion. Aultman herself is post-abortive.

    “I don’t believe a woman can remain unscathed after killing her child,” she said.

    Aultman’s written testimony can be read here.

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