Politicians with Blood on their Hands

Sorry to have to point this out but those politicians who have sponsored illegal immigration to this country have complicity in the murder of our fellow citizens killed by Muslim extremists. NYC is but one example of this. There is a legal immigration process which most of our ancestors used but now, today, that is being circumvented by the extremists. Diversity Visas? Are you kidding? Ah, but what about those who elected these creeps? Think about it! Schumer is blaming Trump for pointing this out. That’s the frosting on the cake.

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One comment on “Politicians with Blood on their Hands

  1. It is time for the politicians to be held accountable and prosecuted for dereliction of duty ! The only job a government has is to try to keep its citizens safe ! Most have failed miserably, especially Democrats! Obama and his idiot minions especially Schumer need to be prosecuted for aiding and abetting the enemy in times of War. And we are at war , believe it. Throw in some pro immigration clergy, while you are at it also !

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