Posted by Fr. Allan J. McDonald at Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Orthodox Catholics, who are traditionalists also, always pray for the pope, never denigrate His Holiness and politely engage in conversations, written or verbal when points of disagreement occur.

Progressive type Catholics of the late 1960’s who initiatially loved Pope Paul VI became completely unglued when His Holiness reiterated the doctrines of the Church concerning natural law and pro-creation–something progressives thought would change since all matters of things were changing in the 1960’s. Progressives did not promote the development of doctrine to make it clearer, but wanted doctrines to change, such as our teachings on natural law, the nature of marriage, and even the dogma of transubstantiation to make it more appealing in the ecumenical realm.

When Pope Paul VI realized the extremes to which the progressives wanted the Church to follow, His Holiness was smart and savvy enough to put the breaks of such heterodox views and His Holiness paid the price for it; His Holiness was despised by the very same Catholics who lauded His Holiness leadership prior to 1968.

Today we have an ambiguous pope who is proving to be a progressive on so many areas but His Holiness ambiguity doesn’t make all things clear. Thus there is a need for clarification and an answering of the concerns of those who have voiced concern to His Holiness, especially the cardinals and bishops of the Church, but the laity too, have a right to clarification.

Seeking this clarification must be done in charity, not rancor and as faithful Catholics we must respect the Pontiff even when we disagree with this, that and the other that is occurring and the massive confusion that ensues.

But most importantly prayer, not rancor must reign and our sure and certain faith that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church.

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