Student group delivers condoms, pregnancy tests on “Catholic” campus

Student group delivers condoms, pregnancy tests on “Catholic” campus
[Hat-tip to New Oxford Review: “Inspired by similar smarmy organization that got away with it at Jesuit Loyola Chicago”]
Group says it is pursuing ‘reproductive justice’ by passing out lube, condoms
Declaring that it seeks “sexual health” and “comprehensive sex education” for the student body, a student organization at the Catholic DePaul University is dispensing contraceptives and other sexual paraphernalia on campus in order to ensure “reproductive justice for all bodies.”

Students for Reproductive Justice is an unrecognized student organization at DePaul that in recent months has been openly providing students with free contraceptives. The group describes itself as “pan womanist and radical feminists” that “oppose all sexist oppression, the forces of capitalism, colonization and stand in solidarity with all races, incomes, genders, and abilities.”

The organization states that DePaul’s administration is against “intersectional values” and does not support community health for the “oppressed groups” that Students for Reproductive Justice maintains it is aiding.

The student group was inspired by an organization of the same name at Loyola University, another private Catholic university. DePaul student Amy Weider told the school newspaper The DePaulia last year that she was moved to bring a similar initiative to DePaul after meeting a student from the group at Loyola.

Members of Students for Reproductive Justice take shifts every Friday night from 6 to 11 p.m. to deliver contraceptives, sexual lubricant, and pregnancy tests to students, according toThe DePaulia. The system by which these products are distributed is called “Text Jane,” a Google Voice number to which all of the group member have access.

Once a volunteer receives a request for sexual materials, he or she will meet the student in a public location to deliver the requested items.

Reached via Facebook, an unidentified representative of DePaul’s Students for Reproductive Justice told The College Fix that the group is “currently working on a few big events such as a mental health healing circle, a title IX speak out and…a weekly self defense class.”

“As far as Text Jane goes,” the representative continued, “We’ve been having a lot of success in keeping our community safe with free contraceptives…We recently received a donation of pregnancy tests and hope that if the funds allow we can provide emergency contraceptives soon!”

A few minutes later, The Fix received one final communication from the group: “Our apologies, but we have decided we do not want to be featured in the College Fix. Please do not quote us.”

Reached for comment via phone, a representative of DePaul’s Office of Health Promotion and Wellness told The Fix that the university is not allowed to dispense contraceptives due to its being a Catholic institution.

Asked if students themselves are prohibited from dispensing contraception on campus, the representative replied: “I do not know.” The Fix was transferred to Shannon Soffoletto, the director of the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness. Soffoletto did not return requests for comment.

The Fix reached out for comment to the office of DePaul’s president, A. Gabriel Esteban, as well as the Office of Public Relations and Communication. Neither responded.

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One comment on “Student group delivers condoms, pregnancy tests on “Catholic” campus

  1. [FAVORABLE UPDATE on referenced item in above post: Federal court rules Notre Dame must pay for birth control, abortifacients]

    Notre Dame drops abortifacient, contraceptive coverage

    Matt Archbold / October 30, 2017 / Cardinal Newman Society News Roundup

    University Notre Dame employees will not continue receive free abortifacients and contraceptives under the university’s health insurance plan, despite an earlier message to its employees stating it would retain the coverage, according an email from The Sycamore Trust.

    Notre Dame sued the Obama administration in 2013, arguing that the mandate infringed on its religious liberty. While many other Catholic colleges and institutions found some success in the courts, the district judge in Notre Dame’s case was skeptical about Notre Dame’s sincerity.

    Since then, Notre Dame students and employees were covered by health plans which offered abortifacients and contraceptives free of charge. But earlier this month the Trump administration granted widespread exemptions to religious institutions from the mandate.

    The Sycamore Trust, an association of alumni and other concerned for Notre Dame’s Catholic identity, commented on the university’s decision in a statement.

    “The university provides no explanation for changing its mind so late in the day, but it seems reasonable to infer that opposition from some quarters expressed and anticipated was a factor,” The Sycamore Trust said in an Oct. 27 email update.

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