“You infidel! You pig!” Muslim attacks priest in German supermarket

“You infidel! You pig!” Muslim attacks priest in German supermarket


Welcome to Merkel’s Germany! Why did the police decline to act, and the bystanders remain silent? No doubt because they were afraid of charges of “Islamophobia.” How much of this thuggish behavior is going to be tolerated before people decide that maybe defending their rights and insisting on decent conduct is not “bigotry”?

Meanwhile, while this will get no notice anywhere other than this Jihad Watch post, imagine the outcry if the priest had verbally assaulted the Muslim in the supermarket, and started shaking his shopping cart around. We would never hear the end of the “Islamophobia.”

Parish news of the Catholic provost Werl,” translated from Pfarrnachrichten der katholischen Propstei Werl, October 22-November 5, 2017:

After shopping at the Lidl in Werl in the early afternoon on Saturday, I got on line to pay. I wear my usual priestly clothes everyday, so I was recognizable as a priest. The supermarket was pretty busy and, if I saw correctly, all the checkout lines were open. There were still three customers in front of me and another behind me.

Just in front of me was a lady, probably of (?) origin, wearing a long brown-beige coat and a dark brown scarf. She was placing her goods at the cash register. Suddenly, the man who was obviously the husband of this woman joined her. When he saw me, he started cursing me in his mother tongue. There was no doubt that they were insults. I did not react in any way. But the man in question then grabbed my cart and began to shake it and push it in all directions while continuing to insult me. At that, I felt compelled to react and told this gentleman in a normal tone of politeness that he could quietly speak to me in German, a language I understood very well. He immediately changed his language and insulted me in these terms: “You infidel!” “You pig!” Without saying anything, I immediately dialed on my cell phone the number of the police, who declared themselves not responsible. None of the people around us said anything.

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