THIRD SECRET UPDATE: Post-Communist Hungary Calls for the Rebuilding of Christendom; The Vatican Denounces Hungary

THIRD SECRET UPDATE: Post-Communist Hungary Calls for the Rebuilding of Christendom; The Vatican Denounces Hungary

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 27, 2017

From a purely historical perspective the current crisis in the Church would be a fascinating subject for deep study: The Church turned upside down and become a defender of the New World Order (NWO) rather than a sign of contradiction to the corrupt schemes of fallen men. A Vatican more concerned with “climate change” and promoting open borders for the benefit of male Muslim “refugees” than saving souls from a hell of which it no longer speaks. A hierarchy largely complicit in the replacement of the Social Kingship of Christ with the unchallenged dominance of the secular state the bishops dare not resist — except to make politically correct demands for “religious liberty” and the adoption of certain liberal policies even secular conservatives oppose (open borders, draconian “climate change” regulations, abolition of the death penalty, wealth redistribution, etc.).

The situation has degraded to the point that even the Pope, who enjoys friendly relations with communist dictators, routinely denounces as evil “populist” movements for the protection of national identity and sovereignty against the twin threats of globalism and Islamicization. During this pontificate, which completes the trajectory of the past fifty years, the human element of the Church seems determined to oppose rather than restore the reign of Christ the King in civil society.

Consider the example of Hungary. In late 2011, effective January 2012, an alliance between the Catholic majority and the Protestant minority of that post-Soviet country’s Parliament overwhelmingly adopted an explicitly Christian constitution that, as even Wikipedia recognizes, “is rooted in a conservative Christian worldview”. The document declares that the Hungarian people “are proud that our king Saint Stephen built the Hungarian State on solid ground and made our country a part of Christian Europe one thousand years ago” and that “We recognise the role of Christianity in preserving nationhood…” The new constitution provides a human life amendment, defines marriages as between a man and woman, and guarantees the right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children without state interference.

While Hungary is still far from being the ideal Christian commonwealth, it has taken a huge step toward the rebuilding of Christendom in modern circumstances, a development the NWO views with utter horror and seeks to repress with the aid of one of its leading “kings,” George Soros, whose intimate relations with the Vatican are documented here. Hungary has even had the effrontery to construct a Trumpian barrier along its border that has virtually halted mass Muslim migration — with all of its disastrous effects — into the country.

The Protestant leader of this defiant ‘No’ to the NWO, President Viktor Orbán, has just given a stirring speech in which he throws down the gauntlet to the EU bureaucrats who are laboring to crush Hungary’s attempt to resist the tide of globalism and state secularity. Herewith a sampling from this remarkable address:

“The truth is that thirty years after Communism there exists once again a global force that wants to repaint the European nations in a single color, and wants to knead them into a consistent mass….

“.…We wanted to believe that we would never again have to deal with political, economic and mental forces that want to cut our national roots. We also wanted to believe that in Europe terror and violence cannot raise its head. This is not what has happened…. [Europe] dreamed about its role as a world leader. Today not even its neighbors care much about it, and even in its own house it is barely able to keep order. But instead of admitting this, it initiates revenge campaigns against those who warn about intellectual suicide and the dangers of nihilism.

“They labeled as diehards those who believed Europe needs solid, defendable external borders. They stigmatized as racists those who believed that immigration presents a danger to our culture. They stigmatized as exclusionists those who raised their voice in defense of Christianity. They stigmatized as homophobic those who stood in defense of the family. They called Nazis those who believed Europe is an alliance of nations. And finally, they labeled as screwballs those who deviated from the economic path of Brussels, which leads to a swamp.

“…. Today every election in Europe is historic. There was the Austrian, the German, the Czech, and next year will be the Italian and the Hungarian ones, too. Now it will be decided whether the citizens of Europe will take back control of their own nations. Take it back from the European bureaucrats in collusion with the financial elite. On every stage: in politics, in the economy, in intellectual life, and first of all in the culture, we must initiate deep changes. Now it will be decided whether we successfully can bring back the old — before multiculturalism — our great Europe. We want a safe, reasonable, civil, Christian and free Europe…”

From the Vatican, there is no sign of encouragement for Hungary’s attempt to rebuild its Christian foundations, which is the kind of Catholic-Protestant alliance the Vatican apparatus evidently abhors as it hob-nobs with loony Anglicans and Lutherans at ecumenical events, with the Pope even embracing one of their women “bishops.” Instead, the Pope — who lives behind massive walls, surrounded by armed guards — ostentatiously denounced nations that “close the door” at the very moment Hungary announced its plan to build the border fence that has spared it from a Muslim invasion of the sort that is wreaking havoc in Italy.

Never has the Church experienced an internal crisis of this depth and breadth. But ours is not to ignore the evidence of it, but rather to alert our fellow Catholics to what Cardinal Ratzinger (the future Benedict XVI) revealed respecting the Third Secret, whose prophecy now unfolds before us: “the absolute gravity of history, the dangers threatening the Faith and the life of a Christian, and therefore the world. And also the importance of the last times.”

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