Your Catholic Week in Review (Lutheran Revolt Edition!)

Your Catholic Week in Review (Lutheran Revolt Edition!)

Michael Hichborn
Fri, Oct 27 2017

One really wishes you could say Happy Halloween without thinking back to one monk nailing 95 Theses on a door in Wurttemberg. After the senseless loss of 100,000 lives due to Luther’s support for the German Peasant’s War, the butcher’s bill had not been paid. Between 8-20 million people would purchase with their lives the expense of Luther’s conceit.

Four hundred years later, another October revolt would multiply that death toll by 1,000 as the Bolshevik Revolution claimed 100 million lives.

What do these two revolts have in common other than very similar birthdates? Both the Lutheran revolt and the Bolshevik revolt were born of the idea that man could liberate themselves, whether that is through a spiritual revolution in the sense of Martin Luther, or a materialistic one in the sense of the Bolsheviks. Both were perfectly willing to kill for their ideologies. Neither of them have yet to own the vast crimes against humanity that both perpetrated against their fellow human beings — nevermind the multiple crimes against the Catholic Church.

Unfortunately, because of political caprice, both errors manifested themselves throughout the modern world. Lutheranism would find itself useful in the hands of princes; Bolshevism would find apologists within the free world.

Yet for some reason, we find voices within the Catholic Church today begging for an accommodation with both of these dangerous sects. Lutheranism is an evil, and by its fruits we shall know them. Communism is an evil, and by its fruits we shall know them. Begging them off as a “reform of the reform” or “social justice” masks the terrible venom that is embedded in both ideologies.

We’ve already celebrated the 100th anniversary of the unprecedented miracle of the dancing sun. In 1917, in a land rocked by heresy, Freemasonry, and socialist ideologies, Our Lady appeared to give the world a warning. It was no mistake that She would appear just weeks before the bloody revolution to erupt in Russia. It was no coincidence that this materialist revolution would take place so close to the 400th anniversary of Luther’s spiritual revolt. And it’s no coincidence that She would ask specifically for the consecration of Russia. So few have heeded Her warnings, and even fewer have answered Her requests.

In the second book of Kings, Naaman, general of the army of the king of Syria, came down with Leprosy. He sent for the prophet Eliseus, so ask him to heal him of this illness. Eliseus sent a response, telling Naaman to “wash seven times in the Jordan.” Naaman was furious and ranted about not having the prophet make a big show of his healing and he was incensed that he was told to wash in the Jordan, whose waters were inferior to the waters of the Abana and the Pharphar rivers of Damascus. He was about to leave when a servant said to him, “Father, if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, surely thou shouldst have done it: how much rather what he now hath said to thee: Wash, and thou shalt he clean?”

As it is, Our Lady has asked us to do something so little that it is often overlooked. She asked us to stop offending God. She asked us to pray the Rosary every day. She asked us to make the five first Saturdays of reparation to Her Immaculate Heart. And She asked us to make sacrifices for poor sinners. This is the blueprint She gave us for victory. Is it too little for us to do? Naaman eventually obeyed and was made clean. If we obey, we shall surely see Her promise come to fruition: The conversion of Russia and the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.”


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