Francis Is “True Heir of Martin Luther”

Francis Is “True Heir of Martin Luther”

Pope Francis is “a true heir of Luther” according to Thomas Schirrmacher, the main theologian of the World Evangelical Alliance. Writing in the German fake-news weekly Die Zeit (October 26) Schirrmacher reveals that he is a personal friend of Francis and on a first-name basis with him.

According to Schirrmacher, Francis often gets into conflict with “traditional positions”. Schirrmacher admires Francis “because he tries something which actually cannot work [changing the Roman Curia which] he called the most sinful and corrupt place in the world using words similar to those of Martin Luther 500 years ago.”

Schirrmacher worries about the Catholic resistance against Francis radical course, “The Vatican is still pretending that this is only a small minority who stirs up a conflict. But this is not a minority anymore.”

The Protestant theologian believes that a fourth of the Cardinals are behind Francis’ “Lutheran” choices.

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