German Bishop Wants Communion for Non-Catholics

German Bishop Wants Communion for Non-Catholics

[A “pastoral” form of “liberating” theology; nonetheless, Pope Francis has already spoken on this matter when at a 2015 ecumenical meeting with a Q&A session (where the questions were most likely screened if not selected for their pertinence), a Protestant woman asked if she could receive Communion with her Catholic spouse at Mass, which Francis in effect answered according to the Jiminy Cricket school of theology (as practiced by the likes of Cardinals Kasper and Cupich): “Let your conscience be your guide!”]

Protestants in mixed marriages with Catholics should be allowed “in individual cases” to receive Holy Communion according to Bishop Gerhard Feige of Magdeburg, Germany.

Feige told the official news-webpage of the German Bishops that it would be “liberating” to allow what is now forbidden [but commonly practiced and encouraged without any spiritual benefit].

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