Our new ‘catholic Cultural Revolution’s Red Guard. Their cadres and their tactics.

Our new ‘catholic Cultural Revolution’s Red Guard. Their cadres and their tactics.

1968 – “The 3 July and 24 July proclamations are Chairman Mao’s great strategic plans! Unite with forces that can be united with to strike surely, accurately and relentlessly at the handful of class enemies.”

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao and other leaders signaled to the masses, such as gangs of students, whom they should target for attack and public abuse.  Quickly the mobs, led by party cadres, began to conduct purges of “enemies of the people”.  In those dark days even the slightest suggestion that you were a counter-revolutionary, a foreign agent, an intellectual or a capitalist roader (e.g., anyone whom you don’t like), could result in your being condemned in a public mob trial, physically abused and humiliated, exiled to hard labor, or thrown out of a high window.  Children learned to tattle on parents and neighbors and turn them in to the Red Guards for “struggle sessions”.   Forgetting or misquoting a slogan from the Little Red Book, could instantly result in your dwelling being trashed, your head shaved, a sign strung around your neck as for hours you performed kowtow to the People begging their forgiveness.

At rallies of the Red Guard, Lin Bao urged the mob to destroy the Four Olds: traditional customs, culture, habits and ideas.  What those were, exactly, was hard to specify, but they enthusiastically wrecked havoc, destroyed and assaulted.

In a letter to his infamous wife, Mao wrote in 1966 of his determination to create “great disorder under heaven” in order to achieve “great order under heaven” down the line.  Hence, he and the high leaders gave vague signals about whom and what traditional things and thoughts to target, and the mob did the rest.

Something of the same dynamic is rising in the catholic Left.

The new catholic Left cadres have received signals from on high and they are now starting to target anyone whom they deem might not tow their party line.  They are whistling and pointing to Enemies of the People.

A perfect example of this can be found today in the synergy of a liberal liturgy blog, Pray Tell, and homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. James Martin.

Complete with laudatory showcasing of Martin Luther.

Pray Tell, on 22 October, posted about the content of a communication sent from the office of the Vicar General in the Diocese of Madison to all the priests of the diocese.  Each Saturday, the VG’s office sends a kind of “saddle bag” of useful information to the clergy.  The VG’s saddle bag of 21 October contained the VG’s thoughts about funeral rites for those in same-sex relationships.  Apparently, a disgruntled Madison priest sent it to a sympathetic Pray Tell.

Today, homosexualist activist James Martin opened fire against Bp. Morlino on Twitter, picking up from Pray Tell.

Martin post 5 TWEETS about this.  Here is the first.

A Catholic bishop recently wrote a directive for priests for funerals for persons in a “Homosexual Civil or Notorious Union,” asking, to minimize “scandal” and “confusion”: “Was the deceased or the ‘partner’ a promoter of the “gay” lifestyle?” 1/5 www.praytellblog.com/index.php/2017/10/22/bishop-morlino-on-funerals-involving-a-notorious-homosexual-union/ 

Photo published for Bishop Morlino: Funerals & Notorious Homosexual Unions

Bishop Morlino: Funerals & Notorious Homosexual Unions


It should be made clear that this first tweet attack on Bp. Morlino, is not accurate.  The thing Pray Tellpicked up was a communication from the Vicar General’s office, not from the Bishop.  It was not a statement of diocesan policy.  Clearly, there cannot be a “one size fits all” policy for complicated situations.  What the communication said is that each situation had to be thought through “thoroughly and prudently” and that they could consult with the Bishop.

It is disturbing that a priest of the diocese would so betray his bishop in this manner, but this is a fallen world.  That’s bad, but oh well.

What is more disturbing is the trend building among the catholic Left, of building an Enemies List.  It’s downright evil.

So, James Martin, SJ, smeared Bp. Morlino – in public – and with something inaccurate.  Now watch the black and chilling sleet of hatred that he initiated… on purpose.

I suspect the Jesuit doesn’t care, because his task was fulfilled.

Like a zealous cadre who is “on message” about destroying the Four Olds, Martin worked in conjunction with a liberal blog to signal an “Enemy of the People” to the mobs.

As you read blogs or watch Twitter, watch for this phenomenon, the pattern of, first, an accusation (even with something untrue or inaccurate) from one of the cadres of the chaos (e.g., James Martin SJ, Antonio Spadaro SJ, Thomas Rosica CSB, Michael Sean Winters, Robert Mickens, Gerard O’Connell, Joshua McElwee, Andrea Grillo, Austen Ivereigh, Massimo Faggiolo, etc., and entire publications  general such as Fishwrap, The Tablet (aka “The Bitter Pill” now pro-abortion), Jesuit-run America, Commonweal, La Croix, etc.), followed by the echo-chamber of hate and division.

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  1. Gratias tibi Comradus Magnus.

  2. One other suggestion: The old Elvis hit, Est Nunc ut Nunquam, might become a revived hit among the apocalyptic crowd.

  3. difficilis diei nox

    Quattuor Fabulosus

  4. et ego labōrāvī velut canis
    sed quom vadō ad domum….

  5. Unrelated to the above, this caught my fancy:


    A song with the title of an ancient Roman city deserves a Latin translation.

  6. Kierkegaard and Gomez Addams cover The Troggs in Latin

    Kierkegaard: Fera haec…

    Gomez Addams: Tu facis…

    Gomez Addams: cor meum canere…

    Kierkegaard: Tu facis omnia…

    Gomez Addams:….groovia?

    Morticia: Bene vocāvistī.

  7. Sargenti Pepperi corda sola societas bandus
    Ego est Walrus, gooius gooius gooius joobius


    “I Am the Walrus” was the first studio recording made by the Beatles after the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, in August 1967. The basic backing track featuring the Beatles was released in 1996 on Anthology 2. George Martin arranged and added orchestral accompaniment that included violins, cellos, horns, and clarinet. Paul McCartney said that Lennon gave instructions to Martin as to how he wished the orchestration to be scored, including singing most of the parts as a guide. A 16-voice choir of professional studio vocalists named the Mike Sammes Singers took part in the recording as well, variously singing “Ho-ho-ho, hee-hee-hee, ha-ha-ha”, “oompah, oompah, stick it up your jumper!”, “everybody’s got one” and making a series of shrill whooping noises.[11]

    In 2015, founding Moody Blues member Ray Thomas said in an interview that he and fellow band member Mike Pinder contributed backing vocals to the song, as well as harmonicas to “The Fool on the Hill”.[12]

    Incorporation of text from King Lear[edit]

    The dramatic reading in the mix is Shakespeare’s King Lear (Act IV, Scene 6), lines 219–222 and 249–262,[13] added to the song on 29 September 1967[14] direct from an AM radio Lennon was fiddling with that happened to be receiving the 7:30 pm to 11 pm[15] broadcast of the play on the BBC Third Programme.[16]

    The first excerpt (ll. 219–222) moves in and out of the text, containing fragments of lines only. It begins where the disguised Edgar talks to his estranged and maliciously blinded father the Earl of Gloucester (timings given[13]):

    Gloucester: (2:35) Now, good sir, wh— (Lennon appears to change the channel away from the station here)[13]
    Edgar: (2:38) — poor man, made tame by fortune — (2:44) good pity —

    In the play Edgar then kills Oswald, Goneril’s steward. During the fade of the song the second main extract (ll. 249–262), this time of continuous text, is heard (timings given[13]):[13][17]

    Oswald: (3:52) Slave, thou hast slain me. Villain, take my purse.
    If ever thou wilt thrive, (4:02) bury my body,
    And give the (4:05) letters which thou find’st about me
    To (4:08) Edmund, Earl of Gloucester; (4:10) seek him out
    Upon the British party. O, (4:14) untimely Death!
    Edgar: (4:23) I know thee well: a (4:25) serviceable villain;
    As duteous to the (4:27) vices of thy mistress
    As badness would desire.
    Gloucester: What, is he dead?
    Edgar: (4:31) Sit you down father, rest you.

    On the radio broadcast the roles were read by Mark Dignam (Gloucester), Philip Guard (Edgar) and John Bryning (Oswald).[14]”

  8. Sinatra asks the question….

  9. Father Mulcahy, S.J.: … discerno errōrem in sententiā de Walro Beatlōrum.

    Father Fitzgibbon: stupiditās?

    Father O’Malley: studēre Latinam necessitās est.

    Father Fitzgibbon: correctio?

    Gomez Addams: Ego sum Walrus.

    Spock: Lucia in Caelis cum adamantibus?

    John Lennon: Groovia!

    • You got ahead of me. Now that you did Lucy, I’ll move on. Take your pick of these wholesome ditties: “Mother superior jumped the gun / Happiness is a warm gun,” “Why don’t we do it in the road,” or “Helter skelter.”

  10. Gomez Addams: Mother Superior jumped the gun? Very good. John Lennon’s lapsed Irish Catholic nun fetish during an acid trip! Now that’s from the Swinging Sixties!

    John Lennon: Mater Superior saltāvit pistōlam.

    Gomez Addams: Beātitūdō pistōla calōrifica est.

    Harry Callahan: How’s this for a pistōla calōrifica ?

  11. Wile E. to Fr. Z.

    Posted on 28 October 2017 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    At Fishwrap today (aka National Schismatic [or un-Catholic] Reporter – a prayer for it HERE), the Wile E. Coyote of the catholic Left, has a round up of stories which interested him. He usually adds some commentary. He picked up on my new catholic Red Guards analogy. He takes it as a compliment to be included in the list I mentioned and thanks me.

    I’m happy to oblige, 同志!


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