Here We Go Again: Update on Phony Synod III

Here We Go Again: Update on Phony Synod III

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 20, 2017

As the 2018 Synod on “Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment” approaches, all signs indicate another looming disaster for the Church. In his “Letter to Young People” in connection with the Synod, Pope Francis declares: “The Church also wishes to listen to your voice, your sensitivities and your faith; even your doubts and your criticism. Make your voice heard, let it resonate in communities and let it be heard by your shepherds of souls.”

Just what the Church needs in the middle of the tempest Pope Francis has already unleashed: a forum in which “young people” level their doubts and criticisms concerning the Faith, and the Church listens attentively to the arrant nonsense of their complaints. The perfect context for the next “revolutionary development” — i.e., purported reversal — of Catholic teaching, probably in the area of sexual morality, including cohabitation and “sexual orientation.” This would be in keeping with Phony Synods I and II, which were merely vehicles for the launching of Amoris Laetitia, which has fractured the Church’s bimillenial Eucharistic discipline protecting the indissolubility of marriage and the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament.

Another sign of impending disaster is the “Youth Forum” recently held in Canada (to be broadcast on October 22), which Pope Francis addressed by remote feed. The presiders were none other than these two — Father Thomas Rosica and Bishop Kevin Farrell, both “gay-friendly” advocates of an emerging “Gay Church,” including “gay parishes” and “gay ministries.”

In his address to the forum, Pope Francis urged “young people” from all over Canada to be “weavers of relationships signed by trust, by sharing, by openness even to ends of the world. Do not raise walls of division: do not raise walls of division! Build bridges, like this extraordinary one that you are crossing in spirit, and that links the shores of two oceans. You are experiencing a moment of intense preparation for the next Synod – the Synod of Bishops – that concerns you in a particular way, just as it involves the whole Christian community.”

Openness! No walls of division! Build bridges! Like the “bridge” Father James Martin, SJ proposes to build to the “LGBT community,” perhaps? There was no reference, of course, to chastity among unmarried “young people” or faithfulness to the Church’s teaching on marriage, procreation and sexual morality in general. There was, however, a reference to “a moment of intense preparation for the next Synod,” which implies the same sort of semi-gnostic, pseudo-mysticism that accompanied the first two Phony Synods along their way to a predetermined outcome, passed off as an inspiration by “the Spirit” and an appearance of “the God of surprises.”

Whatever the manipulators of the next Phony Synod have in mind — the same crew that manipulated the first two — we can be certain of this much: It will not be good for the Church, but rather will be the next phase of the “final battle” over marriage and family of which Sister

Lucia forewarned the late Cardinal Caffarra in light of the Third Secret of Fatima.

Remember, however, that there is hope in these developments, for they indicate that we are approaching the point at which a dramatic reversal will have to occur, even if it is accompanied by grave consequences for a world in rebellion against Christ the King and the Law of the Gospel.

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