Globalists want the Church to serve the “New World Order” while the Pope seems willing to go along

Globalists want the Church to serve the “New World Order” while the Pope seems willing to go along

Globalists want Church to serve ‘New World Order’: Italian journalist

Lisa Bourne

October 20, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A top population control proponent has attained unprecedented access and influence at the Vatican, a presenter for an international symposium on population control said Thursday, as part of an effort to target the Catholic Church and leverage its moral influence in service of a globalist agenda.

Population control forces are welcomed and provided a platform at the Vatican in the Pope Francis pontificate, according to Italian journalist Riccardo Cascioli. They are abetted principally by Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

Cascioli revealed specifics leading to a “magic moment” — in Sorondo’s words – that had been reached where the speech of the Church and that of the UN “have some synergy.”

Cascioli was one of 12 experts from across the world to address the threat of population control for the International Conference on Population Control, a three-day online symposium conducted this week.

In his presentation titled “Jeffrey Sachs, the Man Behind the Hidden Drive for Population Control, Masked as Poverty Reduction,” Cascioli first detailed aspects of Sachs’ thinking and explained the sustainable development concept.

The director of the Italian news outlet La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana also delved into the motives and development behind the infiltration by population control activists into the Catholic Church and how it has changed Vatican policy in recent years.

Cascioli described the introduction of the concept of sustainable development – the thinly veiled population control catchphrase — into the Church’s social doctrine as a “decisive step” in the globalist agenda.

“The Catholic Church was — and it is — the only point of resistance to the ideology of the New World Order,” he said, “to the idea of a world-led government guided by technocratic elites.”

The Church, he pointed out, along with others, had prevented “approval of international statements decreeing the end of the natural family, the affirmation of gender ideology and the right to abortion” in the United Nations’ conferences of the 1990s.

“For this reason, the Catholic Church was a target,” Cascioli said. “They tried with campaigns for the expulsion of the Holy See from the United Nations, but they were more successful with the infiltration of associations and groups of pressure within the Church: formally Catholic, but in fact anti-Catholic.”

The most conspicuous instance of this, he said, was in the 1990s with the dissenting pro-abortion group Catholics for a Free Choice.

“A second reason is the attempt to use the great moral force that the Catholic Church undoubtedly exercises to put it at the service of the New World Order,” Cascioli added.

“A decisive step to achieve the result was — and is — the introduction of the concept of sustainable development in the Church’s social doctrine,” he stated, “an instance that has also been supported by some bishops.”

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Bring marketplace forces [and nation-states] under “social contract”, Pope urges

Catholic World News – October 20, 2017

In an October 20 address to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, Pope Francis said that “we must aim at ‘civilizing’ the market.”

The Pontiff explained that current world affairs call for “developing new models of cooperation between the market, the state, and civil society.” New approaches are necessary, he said, because of two major probems with the world’s existing socio-economic system.

First, he said, the global economy is marked by “the endemic and systemic increase of inequality and the exploitation of the planet.” The rise in inequality, he argued, is substantially greater than the overall rise in wealth. He traced the cause of this inequality to the profit motive, saying: “If the aim of profit prevails, democracy tends to become a plutocracy in which inequalities grow, as does the exploitation of the planet.”

The second major problem, the Pope continued, is “work that is not worthy of the human person.” He insisted:

We cannot sacrifice fundamental values such as democracy, justice, freedom, the family, and creation on the altar of efficiencey: the “golden calf” of our times.

Pope Francis said that under proper guidance, we should expect the market “not only to be efficient in the production of wealth and in ensuring sustainable growth, but also of placing itself in the service of integral human development.”

The Pope also called for a re-examination of the role of the nation-state, arguing that governments should not be “the only and exclusive holder of the common good.” Rather, he said, the government should allow room for intermediary institutions to have their influence. To ignore these institutions, he said, “would be a violation of the principle of subsidiarity.”

Source: Audience with participants in the meeting organised by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (Vatican press office)

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One comment on “Globalists want the Church to serve the “New World Order” while the Pope seems willing to go along

  1. The rise in inequality, he argued, is substantially greater than the overall rise in wealth.

    Huh? Is that like saying “the difference in income is greater than the income”? Check your math.

    Or is he saying that the current concentration of wealth is obscene – which is true, by the way. This is due to collectivism run by the banks that print money, lend it to the financialistas who, in turn, begin a musical-chairs game of asset purchases that get traded as collateral for more loans to purchase more assets, driving up stock prices, and reaping dividends and capital gains that they skim as “profit” from the scheme. [Aside: the rest of Francis’ drivel is pure Marxism.]

    A thought exercise for those who still remember the 7th commandment: Your neighbor has you watch his house while he’s gone. You know he has a huge pile of cash in his mattress, and you take $10G down to the financialist who sells you $1 million of stocks that are guaranteed to go up today. Tomorrow, you sell the stock, pocket $10G “profit” and return your neighbor’s cash to his mattress. Have you done anything wrong?

    We are so tied up in the Volker/Greenspan/Bush/Obama ponzi scheme which has grown to $20 trillion of debt for the US, and a Europe that is madly trying to catch up, that it will take a long time to wind it down. The surest way, though, is to rev up the economy so high that more and more folks can make tons of profit, and can begin to pay off the debt.

    Francis would have us do the opposite, namely, have Comandante Che and the Central Committee regulate all profit and eventually turn us into Venezuela. Oh yeah, what does JorChe have to say about Venezuela?

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