UK “Catholic” school promotes gender confusion

UK “Catholic” school promotes gender confusion

From Cardinal Newman Society REPORT CARD / October 10, 2017
Matt Archbold

In an effort to “promote greater wholeness for transgender individuals,” a Catholic all-girls school in London, England, has ordered students to use the “preferred pronoun” of pupils who do not identify as female.

Marian Doyle, headteacher at Sacred Heart High School, recently informed parents that “as a Catholic school,” students should begin “using the young person’s preferred pronoun and addressing them as them with their preferred name, recognizing their intent to live as the person they believe God created them to be, and refraining from any judgement.”

One parent was quoted in the Catholic Herald saying that the policy was “dangerous” and likely to confuse young people.

In a statement, Doyle said: “Our community not only has a duty to uphold and maintain its charism but also to operate within the law, and as a Catholic school we must look to ensure we respond to different situations for young people, whatever they may be, with compassion, dignity and respect. In this, we seek the guidance of Jesus’ teachings in the Gospels to support us in our response.”

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