Protestant Wonders About Francis

Protestant Wonders About Francis

Gloria.TV News - 10/19/17

Protestant Wonders About Francis: The Filial Correction’s concern with Francis’ views of marriage has valid grounds for its complaints according to Jared Hood from the Presbyterian Theological College in Melbourne, Australia. Quote, “Even by Roman Catholic standards, I’ve never really got this Pope, with his Marxism, environmentalism and populism.”

Benedict Was Catholic: According to Hood, Pope Benedict made sense. Quote, “He was Roman Catholic.” Hood adds, “I could read the Council of Trent, and read Ratzinger, and see the continuity. He was wrong, but he was identifiably Roman Catholic.”

Is Christ Divided? Hood locates in the Catholic Church an insurmountable problem. Quote, “The current representative of Christ on Earth disagrees with previous representatives of Christ on Earth. Is Christ divided?”

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4 comments on “Protestant Wonders About Francis

  1. Poor Rod Dreher.

    Well, those of us who are actually Catholic have been writing about and warning about this kind of progressive modernism for years. Decades, in fact. It’s not Catholic, but there is nothing particularly surprising about the neo-gnostic heresy of Bergoglian progressive modernism for those of us who lived through Vatican II. The modernist heretics just managed to get the Hans Küng, Charles Curran, Richard McBrien, Robert Drinan, S.J. variety of heretical neo-gnostic progressive modernism on to the papal throne. This is right out of situation ethics from Commonweal from the 1970s and Weston School of Theology with a little 1960s death of God theology, Secular City gnosticism, and neo-Kantian continental immanentism from The Rhine Flows into the Tiber. No one paying attention should be surprised that the modernist useful idiots of the Illuminati now control the Vatican and the papacy.

    Quote, “Even by Roman Catholic standards, I’ve never really got this Pope, with his Marxism, environmentalism and populism.”

    All of this is retro 1970s boiler plate from modernist seminaries and religious orders right after Vatican II, just with a Ricky Ricardo voice and Third World anti-colonialism thrown in for comedy. Hans Küng’s neo-gnosticism has taken complete control over the Spirit of Vatican II carnival. Only the most deluded and deranged neo-Catholic modernist cheerleaders of the Spirit of Vatican II project are defending this.

  2. There was even a Morris West novel, turned into a film in 1968, starring Anthony Quinn,Oskar Werner, Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Leo McKern, and David Janssen, which featured a similar scenario for the papacy, with a very progressive Russian becoming pope and overturning Vatican conventions and traditions. The Shoes of the Fisherman.

    Oskar Werner plays the progressive Jesuit theologian, spouting Teilhardian Cosmic Christ modernism.

    Anthony Quinn plays the progressive modernist pope ( Kiril I ) pushing utopian socialism and this-worldly redistribution of wealth.

    Change things just a tad, have a progressive modernist from Argentina with a Ricky Ricardo voice, obsessed with air conditioning and climate, add some Monty Python and SNL writers for the dialogue on situation ethics, give the papal role to Peter Sellers or Roberto Benigni, and you have the current script.

  3. The progressive position of situation ethics on divorce and remarriage is a bit older and pre-dates Vatican II by a few centuries.

    Some Anglicans and Episcopalians may recall the story.

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