Gregory Baum is dead

Gregory Baum is dead

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[May God have mercy on his soul]
Gregory Baum is dead at 94.
Canada’s peritus at the Second Vatican Council, theologian, priest, betrayer of his call, husband, sodomite, Protestant, father of the Winnipeg Statement, heretic, — has gone to his judgement.
Whatever prayer can do him good at this time, – “may God have mercy upon his soul,” for now, Gregory knows the terrible truth.

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2 comments on “Gregory Baum is dead

  1. “Ding dong, the wicked [warlock] is dead!”

    • Ah – recalling my joy listening to this clip on the morning of last November 9th.

      As Coroner I must aver,
      I thoroughly examined her.
      And she’s not only merely dead,
      she’s really most sincerely dead.

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