Comedian laughs off university’s demand for apology

Comedian laughs off university’s demand for apology

From Cardinal Newman Society REPORT CARD / October 10, 2017
Matt Archbold

The lesson here is be careful whom you invite to speak.

Comedian Nick Cannon is laughing off a request from a Catholic college president to apologize for the content of his recent comedy routine on campus.

Georgian Court University President Dr. Joseph Marbach invited the comedian to perform during the GCU Reunion and Homecoming Weekend 2017 in front of students, parents and families in attendance.

Marbach later told People magazine that, “because of the anticipated nature of the audience and the context of being a Catholic university, we asked Mr. Cannon to avoid vulgarity and explicit sexual content in his performance. Unfortunately, he repeatedly chose to ignore this request.”

Following the event, People reports that Marbach sent an email to the “GCU Community” apologizing for the event and expressing his “profound disappointment” in the “offensive” routine.

“Mr. Cannon blatantly disregarded the terms of our contract, and much of his act ran counter to what we stand for at GCU,” he continued. “While comedy often explores serious social issues in ways that are fun and thought-provoking, Mr. Cannon’s act crossed the line. His words were offensives and do not represent our Mercy core values.”

Cannon was unapologetic, tweeting, “I ain’t apologizing for s— LOL… wait, I’m sorry your university doesn’t believe in freedom of speech!!!”

File this story under, “How did they not see this coming?”

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