Polish Bishops Dubia: No to Francis

[Polish Bishops Dubia: No to Francis]

en.news – 10/18/17

Polish Dubia Ahead?

The Italian Il Giornale (October 17) cited rumors that “a part of the Polish Church” is preparing a document in support of the Dubia regarding Pope Francis’ controversial document Amoris Laetitia. According to the newspaper the text was not yet published “only due to a direct intervention of Pope Bergoglio” but this will “sooner or later” happen. Francis has few supporters among the Polish hierarchy and faithful.

Polish Bishops: No to Francis

The Polish Bishops have drafted a 19-page document that says no to Pope Francis’ attempt to legitimize Holy Communion for adulterers in contradiction to the Gospel. According to La Fede Quotidiana, Pope Francis called the Polish Nuncio Salvatore Pennacchio for a secret meeting. Then he made him even participate in the meeting of the Polish Bishops which took place on October 13-14. To no avail, the Polish bishops showed no willingness to turn away from the Gospel and the Catholic Faith.

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