New “Our Father” Book by Pope Likely To Contain Surprises

By Andrew Parrish
October 17th, 2017

(ROME) – Over the weekend, the Spanish Catholic website Religión Digital announced that the Pope has been working on a book about the Our Father. Scheduled for release in Italy on November 23rd, the work has been co-authored with the chaplain of a Paduan prison, Marco Pozza. Pozza is a well-known media figure in Italy who hosts religious television programs on the national network TV2000. If history is any guide, this new book is likely to contain some surprising statements from the Holy Father.

“Our Father” is, according to Religión Digital, a joint meditation between Francis and Pozza on the Gospel prayer of Jesus. It will echo the content of a special series airing on TV2000 on the 25th of this month, which is supposed to be presented officially at the Vatican tomorrow by Dario Vigano, prefect of the Secretariat of Communications. Jesús Bastante, writing for the site, reports that Pozza will be presenting interviews with nine Italian celebrities, evidently including the Pope, putting forth their view of the significance of the Our Father. “In ‘Our Father’, Francis and Pozza try to answer the great questions of Jesus’ prayer, whose words resonate in different episodes of the life and mission of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and, with him, in the anxieties and hopes of millions of men and women from all over the world,” Bastante writes.


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