KILLING STATUES: Christophobic Mobocracy in America

KILLING STATUES: Christophobic Mobocracy in America

Published on Oct 17, 2017

Michael discusses mobocracy and what’s really behind the ‘war on statues’ raging in the streets of America.

First it was Robert E. Lee, then it was Christopher Columbus and now it statues of saints, the Blessed Virgin and Our Lord Himself.

This war on the past is morphing into a war on Christian history, and now Catholic schools are getting into the act by smashing their own statues.

What’s it all mean? Is this the beginning of a new ‘reign of terror’? The mob is of control again, and just as it turned on Robespierre the first time around, it’s again turning on its own (e.g., Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco last week).

The one standing up to it is not the Pope, not the bishop, but a most unlikely political figure–the only voice in the world still defending Christianity, Christmas and Catholic history.

Plus, the latest on next week’s Catholic Identity Conference.

Trivia Question: Do you know the full name of the City of Los Angeles?

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